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October 28, 2007

How To Hanging a Heavy Mirror On Drywall

hi mag,

i've read some of your articles and wanted to ask your opinion

i want to hang a heavy mirror (70 lbs.--link to the mirror on IKEA's site below)

this would go into my old apartment which has drywall.  there are mounts already in the back of the mirror but

a) its probably impossible that these would line up with the studs and

b) i would probably screw up the height measurement anyway and mount it on an angle

would you suggest a french cleat or hanging it from hooks? 

my concern with hanging it from hooks is that the mirror mounts have sharp edges and could rub into the wire. plus, i don't want the wire to be seen


Hi Rich,

These picture hangers don’t require nailing into a stud and the large ones will hold up to 100 pounds on drywall or wood: http://www.govart.com/hardware_hooks.html

Hwr_brasshookgrouplg_4 Hwr_bulldogrouplg_3




And I would recommend these hangers for the back of the frame: http://www.govart.com/hardware_hangers_heavy.html 




  1. Mount the hangers on the back of the mirror frame (as shown above) exactly the same distance down from the top of the frame on both sides
  2. Figure out where and how high you want to hang your mirror and lightly mark the wall for the top and sides of the frame using a pencil
  3. Measure down from the top of the frame to the top of the hanger’s loop on the back of the frame
  4. Measure down from the top line on the wall the same distance and make a mark on the wall
  5. Measure the distance between the centre of the screws holding the hanger on the back of the frame. This will be the same distance between the top of the hanger loops.
  6. Measure the distance between the marks on the wall you made earlier for the top of the loops. Make any adjustment you need to make the distance between the marks on the wall to make them the same as the distance between the loops on the back of the frame.
  7. Use a level to be sure the two marks are indeed level. You can also measure down from the ceiling and up from the floor if you don’t have an actual level. Floors and ceilings are often uneven, however, so a long straight stick or string running between the marks will help you to see if the marks are level. How the marks and the mirror look to the eye is the best measure.
  8. Install your wall hangers so that the bottom of the hook is at the final mark you’ve made on the wall.
  9. Get some help and hang your mirror putting the loops over the hooks
  10. Check for level with your eye or measure up from the floor and down from the ceiling. If it is only off a little then you can gently pull down on the high side to help level the mirror. Pulling down on one side will set the hooks and loops a little and will help to level the mirror. Don’t pull too hard however. This technique will help only a small amount. If the level is still obviously off, then the process will have to be repeated but move the mirror to one side about two inches to a fresh spot on the drywall and start again.
  11. The other option is to use a heavy picture wire between the loops and one hook in the wall at the centre point of the mirror. With this technique, it is easier to hang and level the mirror but it will tend to go out of level over time and it is always nice to have two hooks holding a heavy object instead of one. Here’s how to wire the back for one hook:



Let us know how it goes and don’t hesitate to write if you have more questions.



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