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March 19, 2005

Alma matters

Big_armsThis has nothing to do with home repair, unless you know that not one person in the photo has a working knowledge of welding, replacing a toilet, or recalibrating a framing nailer, except me.  I take comfort in this because these are all guys I went to University with and they have all become presidents of large corporations, or executive producers at NBC, or leaders of art and industry.  Whereas I have succeeded in the more esoteric arena of plumbing and masonry.  You can see the jealousy on their faces. 

Photo: Former cast and creators of New Faces, a raucous musical tradition at New College, U of T: (Clockwise from top left: Colin Swift, John Bertram, Alan Gotlib, Jim Betts, Greg Reed, Mag, Mark Lukasiewicz)  - March 14, 2005


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