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May 2005

May 27, 2005

A ToolGirl for Generation Z

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage. - Anais Nin

Caileen_teaching_first_classI'm so proud of Caileen Harvey that I could be her overbearing aunt.  At the tender age of 12, Caileen is already teaching woodworking to a gaggle of her peers.   This is an act of bravery because, as we all know, peers are the stubborn demographic that hates getting information or advice from other peers.  Maybe Generation Z is different.  But I'm guessing it's just that Caileen is a great teacher.

Tree Gift

One down, 1,181 to goPine_seedling

Normally at this time of year I write romance novels and eat bon-bons.  But this year is different because Daniel ordered 1,182 seedlings from our township's  Land Stewardship network (www.ontariostewarship.org).   

So now, not only is my back sore for all the wrong reasons, but my chocolate consumption is way down.

The seedlings arrived with bare roots, nestled together in large insulated bags.  They were supposed to be planted within 24 hours.   It took a bit longer.  (Even on our best day we planted only 423). 


TIP:  Using a bulb augur helps loosen up hard-packed soil.  Plus you get to look like Rambo. 

May 16, 2005


WARNING:  As web logs go, this one is skinny on emotionally rigorous subjects, so it's less of a log and more of a branch, or even a twig. 

Webtwigging requires less commitment than weblogging.  You don't have to be brimming with vitriol to be a webtwigger.  You just need a new point of view.  Or even a used point of view. 

My point, if I have one, is that there's little hope for drama in DIY reportage.  Unless things go badly wrong.   

More on this later when I file my story on how the starlings got in and pooed all over my writing studio.

May 14, 2005

The return of Prometheus the bat

Batty_cuThe bat came back.  He's clearly looking for a loving home.  That's him hiding under the rock in front of the fireplace.  Remind me to vacuum under there. 

I'm sure he's the same bat who got stuck in the duct tape a few weeks ago (see previous post "Prometheus the Bat).  He's probably even the same bat who got into the house 5 times last summer and kept sleeping in the curtains, all cozy up near the ceiling, leaving streaks of guano as a thank you note. 

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May 11, 2005

Mother's Day Build

If you've ever wanted to learn how to build stuff or if you want to know how to use tools, a great place to start is a Habitat for Humanity job site.

Carol (top fundraiser) and Amanda get ready to rock around the caulkCarol_and_amanda_cu

Photos by Nicola Betts

The Habitat Mother's Day build was a huge success this year as teams of mothers, sons and daughters lent a hand to ten families who are buying volunteer-built homes from Habitat for Humanity Toronto, which provides the families with interest-free 25-year mortgages.   


Habitat Toronto will dedicate 50 new hand-built homes in 2005.  O-yeh! (that's Swahili for 'Oh baby!')

May 06, 2005

Habitat Mother's Day Build

Mag_and_neil_hetherington_at_womens_buil_1 Mag and Neil Hetherington, President of Habitat for Humanity Toronto

For Immediate Release

May 6, 2005

Habitat Toronto celebrates Mother’s Day on the build site

Mothers need more than a card for Mother’s Day, they need a home to put it in

Toronto- On Saturday, Habitat for Humanity Toronto will hold its first-ever Mother’s Day Build to honour mothers everywhere. Over two dozen mothers and other volunteers will be pitching in to put up the sheetrock in 10 townhouses, aided and abetted by celebrity emcee Mag Ruffman.

The Mother’s Day Build will be held at Habitat Toronto’s Rotary Drive site at 38 St. Lawrence Ave. (near Queen and River). Over 23 Toronto Rotary Clubs have come together to build and fund this development as their Centennial Community Project. When complete, this new community will see over 30 children and their parents move out of poverty housing into their own simple, decent, and affordable homes. RBC Financial Group generously supported the Mother’s Day Build with a donation of $50,000 through the RBC Foundation.

Home theatre tip

I went to Ladies Night at the Sony Store.   I was the only lady.  But they gave me a nice bag that contained a 10% off coupon and some Crystal Light and some deoderant (I guess so I wouldn't become dehydrated or sweaty while shopping.  Because an electronics store can increase your metabolism.)

The biggest insider tip I got - from Daniel the nice manager - was that if you (female or otherwise) are on the verge of purchasing a new high-definition TV or home theatre package, wait a bit.  The latest screen technology is about to produce an LCD screen (the hot-looking flat panels) that has 3 times the pixel content, and actually tops the picture quality of the CRT screen (which up until now has always provided the best looking images).   

This means you'll be able to get insanely crisp resolution from a very compact unit, and because the pixels are smaller, you have more choice in the size of TV screen you want (i.e. it doesn't have to mondo). 

Six months to a year you'll have to wait for the new screens to be introduced (and become affordable).  You can do it.  Patience.  Breathe with me. 

May 04, 2005

Pony up to Sony

I get a lot of press releases.  Somebody finally picked up on the fact that chicks dig electronics


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