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May 14, 2005

The return of Prometheus the bat

Batty_cuThe bat came back.  He's clearly looking for a loving home.  That's him hiding under the rock in front of the fireplace.  Remind me to vacuum under there. 

I'm sure he's the same bat who got stuck in the duct tape a few weeks ago (see previous post "Prometheus the Bat).  He's probably even the same bat who got into the house 5 times last summer and kept sleeping in the curtains, all cozy up near the ceiling, leaving streaks of guano as a thank you note. 

Every time we found him in the curtains we'd pull him gingerly off (wearing gardening gloves to avoid the nips), load him into a glass baking dish, put the plastic lid on it and then carry him out to the firewood box while he bared his teeny weeny teeth and yelled at us with the voice of a miniature weedeater.   

We'd gently deposit him on the firewood and he'd crawl grumpily into the dark recesses of the box.

But the bat came back.  The very next day.  In fact he'd show up in the curtains whenever we left the sliding door open to catch the evening breeze.  Which we stopped doing. 

But yesterday he got into the living room at about 4:00 p.m. when we were bringing in firewood.  He flew around a bit and then settled under the rock in front of the woodstove.   He liked it there.  He fell asleep.  (Even with me looking at him and taking pictures with the flash on. )

At about 7:00 p.m. he still hadn't budged.  We opened the sliding door so he'd hear the evening sounds (frogs chirping their ardour in the pond, robins singing in praise of worms) and start getting hungry.   

He took the hint.  He emerged and started his commando crawl across the living room floor.  (A bat has a lot of trouble taking off from the ground.  They do better when they can drop from a high place and merely spread their wings.)   He made it to the sliding door, laboriously climbed the curtain and then took off into the evening.

But he'll be back.  So it's a good thing I finally got my copy of the Bat House Builder's Handbook in the mail.   I'll line his new bedroom with curtain material just so he knows we appreciate him.



See, now I think this bat has something to do with the Avonlea episode "After the Honeymoon." Maybe it is Kate Nelligan in disguise? Be careful, Mag! :)

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