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July 25, 2005

Writing Cabin Finished at Last

This is how the writing cabin turned out.  Sweet or what.  The decorating style?  Rustic Boudoir. 

Desk_and_woodstove I designed the Tree of Life Heat Shield and it was fabricated by the excellent team at MC LaserWerks in Barrie, Ontario.   Cost: about $350.  (6-1/2 feet tall, 4 feet wide)

The Invent Energy EPA-certified Model 1000 woodstove uses state-of-the-art technology that heats so quickly you can literally cook on it 10 minutes after lighting a fire. The stove is also so efficient that you'll use up to 40% less firewood per winter. Stove_and_tree_of_life_heat_shield Designed and built in Canada by entrepreneur Charlie Perrault, this stove rocks. 

The walls are a distressed stucco finish called 'Desire', an amazingly easy-to-use (Dare I say foolproof?  Yes I do.) product produced in Italy by Adicolor, and available in Canada at specialty paint shops.

The hearth is recycled antique brick, available from most masonry supply places and stone yards if you ask nicely.

The July 30th Toronto Star article about the writing cabin is here.


Darlene Dougherty

Please provide more detail on the bathroom renovation. Please explain how you installed the sink and toilet with no water or hookups. I would like to install a similar setup in a office setup in my garage. We are currently on a septic system and well for the house.


The bathroom isn't done yet! To clarify what the Toronto Star article said, the toilet is a composting unit and uses neither electricity nor water. The sink, however, is a standard pedestal sink bought at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and will be hooked up to our well (there is already a spigot in the barn, so we're running lines off that and carrying them to the sink; the waste water from the sink will flow into the French Drain shared with the composting toilet - more info about that in my archived article on composting toilets.) You can get more info on the composting toilet by visiting http://www.envirolet.ca - Hope that helps until I finish the bathroom.

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