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August 11, 2005

Stain removers

I gave a review of  my favourite stain removers on Canada AM and lots of people have written to ask for names and availability.   Here they are.

Wine_away_1Wine Away, a biodegradable stain remover made from fruit and vegetable extracts.  Wine Away excels at instantly removing tough stains like spaghetti sauce, grape juice and pet urine (who can resist a menu like that?).  It has a mild citrus scent and is safe to use around children and pets.  Works fine on carpet but is also great for fabric. Available for $16 online at The Added Touch.


OxykicThe Bissell people have nailed it with this no-scrub spot remover that activates the cleaning power of oxygen, combined with a tough spot remover.   You shake the dual chamber assembly, spray it on, wait five minutes and blot.  It permanently lifts stains like coffee (even ancient spills), beer and red wine, and greasy spots left by gravy upsets, ice cream accidents, or cat vomit.  It even lifts motor oil.  And stains won't come back again the way they do with some spot removers.  Oxykic has a slightly irritating perfume smell that ostensibly covers the odour of the solvents (Dimethyl ether, propylene glycol n-Propyl ether, Hydrogen peroxide) but holy moly, this stuff rocks.  Must be used in a well-ventilated area, away from open flame, children and pets.  Available at Zellers and KMart for about 8 bucks. 

Magica Rust Remover

Magica_rust_remover This product really thrilled me because my white carpet had a lot of rust spots left by the antique steel wheels under some of our chairs.  Magica Rust Remover ($11) killed the rust in seconds.  You just squeeze a little of it from the tube and watch it gobble up rust on carpet, clothing, bathroom fixtures, fibreglass, concrete, appliances etc.  It’s got some kind of acid in it (it etches glass and dulls highly-polished surfaces), so you have to wear rubber gloves.  Available online at The Added Touch



Re Magica Rust Remover - great product. Ordered two tubes from Added Touch, for total bill with tax and shipping for $35+. Small tubes - ended up using almost entire tube on one badly rusted napkin. Knowing I would need more, contacted Magica w/s, asked for Toronto locations to purchase, was given name of distributor in Thornhill, who was quite willing to sell me a skid of bottles of the product. He informed of a Home Hardware at Bayview & Eglinton who carried the product. Phoned the store, found out that it's only $5.95 per tube......gee imagine my surprise, given that I had paid $11 from Added Touch. Oh well, at least I know where I can get it locally....

Thanks for the demonstration - it really is a terrific product.

this is some good information thanks

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