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September 2005

September 09, 2005

Brilliant NO-FAUX Wall Finish

Cropped_shot_showing_wallCe n'est PAS faux - c'est VERITABLE.  (It's not fake.  It's real.)

If you need a  drop-dead-easy way to snazz up a room, or if you're an easily-bored and therefore sloppy painter, or if your walls have textural issues (i.e. some eager DIYer's earlier attempt at a faux finish), I have an idea for you.   

The Italians have spent hundreds of years using authentic ingredients like powdered marble  to create lovely wall textures, frescos and stucco coatings.  That's why there's so much gorgeous variety on surfaces in Italy - no single room looks like another, because they have so many options beyond paint.

Now you can too.  And no faux.    True, real finishes that move beyond paint to texture, luminescence and depth.  Much like moving from a blended scotch to 22-year-old single-malt.

I used the highest quality (and easiest) product I could find to create a distressed stucco finish.  The stuff I used is called Desire and is imported from Italy by a family-run Canadian company called Adicolor.   They have a huge range of products, from genuine lime plasters to stucco.  Some glisten, some emulate weathered, flaking centuries-old wall finishes, some can be burnished to a subtle sheen of amazing depth. )

The effect of Desire's textured glaze is fantastic - soft, irregular shadings with mingled tones of varying intensity (18 colours to choose from).  It's not a cheesy, trowelled on, opaque nightmare; it's subtle.  Application is fast and doesn't require precision.  In fact, the less precise, the better.  Slap, swirl and flop it on with a brush, wait a few minutes, then flatten the bumps with a flexible plastic spatula called a Distender.  That's it, you're done. 

Here are step-by-step instructions.

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