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January 2006

January 26, 2006

Edmonton Home Show

Mag will be at the Edmonton Home Show February 3rd and 4th presenting the latest in power tools and offering her secret insider tips on how to build instant furniture (i.e. a lounge chair in 20 minutes from design to finish).   Warning: Audience members will be called upon! 

Chicks and Tools

And_loving_it_small Cool new female figures (not the kind at the gym):

Canadian women will make $30 billion in home-improvement decisions this year.

- Business Edge Magazine

·        This year, 80% of women plan on doing some home-improvement project, and 75% of them will do it themselves

·        Women initiate 80% of all home improvement projects

(Lowe’s study, 2005)

·        Single women are the fastest-growing group of home buyers; single women now purchase 1 in 5 homes (twice the rate of single men, who purchase 1 in 10 homes), and 57% of single women own their own homes.

·        Women influence purchase decisions in 80% of home improvement sales

·        According to a 2003 Ryobi survey, nearly 90% of women polled said they would be happy to receive a power tool for Mother’s Day.

·        In 2003 at amazon.com’s hardware site, Mother’s Day sales of power tools equaled Father’s Day sales.

(Home Improvement Research Institute)

·        According to a Home Depot poll, 80 percent of women said they planned to do some type of home-improvement project in the next 12 months.

·        Sixty-eight percent of the women said they would prefer to spend leisure time working on a home-improvement job rather than shopping.

·        65% of women undertake home improvement projects, compared to 75% of men. 

·        Women’s attitudes toward home improvement are as positive as men’s attitudes.

(Mintel International Group Ltd.)

Women and Tools

·        83% of women said that working with tools makes them feel independent; 50% said it makes them feel empowered.  Only 3% said it makes them feel unattractive.

·        87% admire home repair proficiency in other women; 48% admire home repair proficiency MORE than fashion sense, investment acumen, career success or homemaking skills in other women.

·        Three out of five women (60%) would rather receive an hour of advice from Bob Vila than Dr. Phil

·        69% of female homeowners consider themselves at least somewhat handy

·        61% of female homeowners enjoy home maintenance and repair projects

(Sears Roebuck and Co – Women and Home Ownership study – July 2004

January 09, 2006


Who wouldn't want to print their own message on M&Ms to send the right message on Valentine's Day.   Something sincere, like  " Get me tools. "


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