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February 01, 2006

25 Words not to use on a resume

We all need to apply for a job now and then, and sometimes more often than that.  This is a thought-provoking article on how to choose sentences that tell who you really are, while avoiding words that impress almost no one. 

Here's a list of words that apparently hinder your cause rather than help:

·  Aggressive

·  Ambitious

·  Competent

·  Creative

·  Detail-oriented

·  Determined

·  Efficient

·  Experienced

·  Flexible

·  Goal-oriented

·  Hard-working

·  Independent

·  Innovative

·  Knowledgeable

·  Logical

·  Motivated

·  Meticulous

·  People person

·  Professional

·  Reliable

·  Resourceful

·  Self-motivated

·  Successful

·  Team player

·  Well-organized

Ouch.  Why don't these words work?  Because, unless they're associated with actual deeds and accomplisments, they're kind of like stuffing Kleenex into a bra.   



i was woundering if you cant put those in an resume then what do you put and i wounted to know how do you get stains out of a floor from years of wear and tair and how do you get smoke out off of walls from smoking

gary ezma' cherry

Dear Previous writer, I think Mags busy making a movie, and trust me I am just a squater here, so take me with a grain of salt.So here we go. Go to the home depot Canada, or USA, and ask the people in the paint dept, if they have the manufacturers product info sheet for the type of paint you used to cover your walls. You may find that a mixture of peroxide and vinegar will do wonders on smoke stained matterials. If you can't find a M.P.I. sheet contact me at garyfish340@yahoo.com , I would be more than happy to do the research for you...Ezma' was here...


I just found a free e-book that discusses words not to use on your resume at ResumeDictionary.com. The ebook gives really good explanations of why not to use the words and suggest alternate words to use instead.

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