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October 2006

October 26, 2006

Press Jazz

Mag6092final_small_for_printing_2_on_a_s_3 Joyce Singer-D'Aprile's nice feature article about Mag is online at Post City Magazines.

More pith from an unreliable source

Quote of the week:
I remember Grade 10 health class like it was yesterday. Most of us still hadn't been kissed or even winked at. Our entire lexicon of intimacy was having our bra straps snapped by other girls. We weren't sure what "petting" was but it sounded scary. We listened gravely as Miss Carmichael sketched a diagram labeled "the slippery funnel of promiscuity", which demonstrated how (unlike job experience) romantic experience builds momentum until everybody wants you. To avoid the promiscuity funnel, we had to remember that saying "yes" to anyone but the groom was a bad idea. But there are more ways to say yes than no, as I learned after fighting the funnel for a subsequent 20 years before the groom came along. Is it any wonder I got married 3 weeks after our first date? I'd had it with that funnel. – Mag Ruffman on intimacy at Home Envy.com

October 22, 2006

New Stats re: Chicks and Tools

Lowe's fifth annual national survey of female home owners (and women considering home ownership) reveals some juicy tidbits about stereotypes:

  • 41% of respondents would rather do yardwork and gardening than sew or perform clothing repair (14%)
  • 91% of female do-it-yourselfers are responsible for the majority of home improvement decisions in their household (this is suspicious, since 91% of men say the same thing)
  • 82% of women surveyed handle basic repairs inside the home
  • 77% are likely to visit their home improvement store for ideas and trends
  • Only 41% look to newspapers and magazines for home renovation ideas - so much for my gripping newspaper column!
  • 72% feel prepared to be solely responsible for maintenance, repairs and improvement
  • 73% of female DIYers are more likely to take on a home improvement project if they know it can be started and completed within the span of one weekend (this is why we have high expectations of men when THEY take on a project)
  • More women own power tools today (78%) than ever before
  • 24% have a beefy assortment of power tools and hand tools
  • 21% own hand tools and some small-ish power tools, plus one or two major power tools, like a table saw or an air compressor
  • 33% own a few basic hand tools and a few small power tools
  • Even adept women DIYers agree that certain areas of the home require a professional's participation - 40% would hire a contractor to work on their kitchen, and 32% would use a contractor for a bathroom remodel.


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  • : We're All In This Together

    We're All In This Together
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Nota Bene

  • It’s never too late to be who you might have been. - George Eliot (1819-1880)
  • Simplicity of character is the natural result of profound thought. - My fortune cookie