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November 08, 2006

Decor for the Garage

Oh You Lucky  Americans

Vault_brand_garage_organization If you live in the U.S. you have access to the hottest looking garage organization system I've ever seen.  A company named VAULT is doing highend hand-crafted storage systems that rock.  They carry a diverse line of 29 different styles of stainless steel cabinets, workbenches and tool chests, all of which are completely customizable.  Solid, solid, solid.  Lifetimes of use.  It's pricey, but it's the champagne of garage cabinetry.  And you might want to get your order in early:

Like a fine piece of artwork, our customers have to wait for their Vault cabinet to be constructed by our artisans before becoming the contented owner of one.  Mass production is simply not capable of making a product of this quality and stature.  Each Vault cabinet is assembled completely by hand from start to finish by craftsmen who take great pride in building this elite product.  As a result of this extravagant manufacturing, only a limited number of cabinets can be built everyday. 

Manufacturing and shipping time varies dependent upon the customization of your order; however, typically speaking at least 12 to14 weeks are required to produce a single cabinet and every fine detail.  What counts is quality, not speed.  Other companies may cut corners to pump out an inferior product faster, but at Vault we will not sacrifice quality. 

- Vault Brands, 2006


gary ezma' cherry

Dear Mag, Holy Kaboozles those cabnets in my garage, full to the max with tools. I'd die for that, with my luck. Did you put that story there for me. I want the garage too, I have a big garage to work in, but my buddy Mikes idea of cleaning up, is to hang up all the tools on the nail on the floor, sweep them up, tossem in the trash, and pay to replace them. His saving grace is he's an awsommmme motorcycle machanic, realy. I've been saving nastalgia from the 60's for my dream garage, and it'll have cabinets like the ones you featured in you article, and a jukebox I'm working on, which is actually a massive computer database of music MP3's, surf punk, folk, rockabilly, and rock n' roll. If I had anything intellegent to say this week, I promise I would of, but I feel pretty dumb this week, I got a whiplashed neck, It's dangerous taking quick showers making believe that I'm Tim Allen, and being such an Ezma'... Thanks for the unspiring article, and next time you talk to the big giant head, tell him I said hello...ouch.

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