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November 13, 2006

Is DIY dying?

Blood_blister People are telling me that the world is changing.  It started in England.  (Everything starts in England.  Why is that?)  DIY enthusiasts are chucking their spanners at the wall and calling in professionals to fix up their dwellings.  This new breed of DIY-eschewers are known as DIFMers (Do-It-For-Me). 

But who wouldn't want to perform their own repairs?  Who wouldn't want the pong of sewer gas in their clothes?  Who wouldn't want to be admired for a big honkin' blood blister?

"A recent survey done in the U.K. seems to add weight to the theory that DIY skills are on the decline.

It found that in people aged over 50 years, 94 per cent were confident of rewiring a plug without blowing the electrics. And almost half the under-30s flunked the test. They also failed other tests like putting up wallpaper, screwdriver skills, needlework, assembling furniture and unblocking drains.

This trend is also reflected in the declining sales at home improvement stores and reduction in the number of programmes on TV devoted to top home makeovers."

- From The Hindu, India's national newspaper


gary ezma' cherry

DearMag, Let's travel backwards in time back to your pith thing, do youreslf a favor, and read it again( What you wrote there ) Now I won't make and wisenhimmer remarks, I'll simply ask you to answer any mysterous questions that you might have had back in eighth grade like this. Go out to google and down load GoogleEarth. Today I said to a friend of mine, that I'd like to go out in the wilderness for a few days, and just lose myself. He dialed up googleEarth, and we treked across the USA, and he said find some wilderness. So I searched, and I searched, and I search. Everytime I said right there, Mike zommed in the satilite image, and we really couldn't find any place that wasn't divided, and subdivided, by roadways, highways, or homes, ( Sure maybe in the great white north ) We've exploited everything we could get our hands on. So I thought; Times have changed. The population of this world has always been more women than men, and in the early 20th century the world was at constant war. What do you think one of the adverse reactions in women's attitudes towards mate might have been. As a guy I thought, if I ever complain about being lonely after seeing google world I'm a real loser Ezma...

gary ezma' cherry

Part 2; Once I tried to use a coat hanger to remove my ex's hair from the sink down pipe, and it poked a hole through the pipe, so she went out and bought about 10 rolls of teflon tape, and some kind of silly putty and it hasn't leaked in the past five years. The benifit is that any time I need a little teflon tape, I can just peel some of the old despenser, and nothing sticks inside the drain pipe anymore. I've been reading all of my previous comments and I've decided to hire a proof reader, or at least purchase those Hukked on fponix CD's. The word that I spelled as DWEEBOLIUS last time is an actual word. It's a religion I founded, and it's follower's are called DWEEBLES, and we study Ohm's law In our fischer price house of worship while chanting OOOOHHHMMMM... I previously had stated that I had broken my glasses, this time I was going to state that my typing skills are horrorlicious, but the truth is I suffer from performance anxiety... And to quote the famous Ronald Reagan, " I only know what my advisor tell me I know." Ezma'...

Lawrence Winterburn

Hey Mag! (Hugs)

It really doesn't surprise me about the Brits not partaking in the DIY trend. Have you seen the Reno shows over there? Hand saws and paint brushes. If I had to use those tools I'd likely shy away from doing any work too!

We sell more plans to South Africa than the UK.

Don't fret Mag-- Our careers are safe, it's just the UK. Things are different over there.

Say Hi to Daniel for me-

See you soon!

gary ezma' cherry

Hey Toolgirl Reader Andrea' It's Ezma', I got sort of miffed and deleted your email, and for that I am wrong, I should be more mature. Just because I like ond care doesn't mean I'm apathetic to what you said. Once again I'm going to mention google earth. Go there and type in 08884. You'll see a small lake and a building with a big parking lot, than navigate south west slightly and you'll see lots of homes and homes, and homes and right in the middle you'll find two ponds and about 35 acres of forest and if you look really close, on the north edge you'll see a log home, and maybe you'll see me staring at the google satilite. Now concider this, in new jersy I could get about 10 million dollar for 35 acres of land, and if you look at the design that the forests the contractors have destroyed you can see that they already antisipated my greed. Those google photo's are about 2-3 yrs old. The contractors ended up building alot of dead ends. I've learned my share of animal husbandry, and biology from the forest, and it's not there because I'm following the latest trend, it's there because that's where I grew up, except it used to bbe hundreds of acres. Before you pick on my plymouth concider this your briggs and stration engined lawn mower makes about as much polution as 12 of my barracudas. If you really want to do something write your representitve and ask them to research alternative fuel sources, the U.S. and Canada are absolutely destroying our world with there coal burning power plants. If you don't believe me come visit me, I'll be more than happy to put you up for a little vacation at my place, and than we can visit the Deleware River, and the home of a really nasty power plant that not only pollutes the air you breath, but has left a foot thick of goop, coal fly as it's called on the river bed. I don't need a tv, or web page to learn what I have I just go outside. I suggest you do the same, and I mean no Ill will when I say that, the greatest experiences that you can have, are the ones you actually have. Education weighs nothing and you can carry it everywhere, do it. Ezma'

gary ezma' cherry

Part II; as for the last sentence: I need to learn to spell now. ezma'

Tony Hwang

Please tidy up your long hair when you use power tools. You are ignoring basic safety issue. If you work with long loose hair like that in my place, you were fired long ago.
You are setting bad example. Safety comes before anything else. Again safety first.

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