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July 2007

July 21, 2007

How to Detail a Car

Wet It Be

If you have a car it has probably encountered bug splat, bird crap, tree sap, brake dust, road crud, tar, salt and other contaminants that end up embedded in the paint like microscopic shrapnel.

Here are some kick-butt steps to giving your vehicle a sassy show-car look for under a hundred bucks. A deep, wet-look finish will not only jack up your image but will also elevate the value of your vehicle at trade-in time. In fact, by following these steps I once sold a seven-year-old Toyota truck for the same amount of money I paid for it new. Oh baby.

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July 20, 2007

Golf helps kids

Celeb_golfposterIf you're in Southern Ontario and have nothing to do on September 18, consider joining me and some friends at the DaveFM Celebrity Tournament.

Proceeds go to Send 'Em Off Smiling, a cool charity that provides clothing and school supplies for kids who need 'em.

To reserve your spot call 519-579-8090, X. 302

If you completely suck at golf, ask to be on my team.   We'll cheat.  Thanks.

Avonlea lives again


Join series creator Kevin Sullivan and members of the Road to Avonlea
family for a screening of hilarious and candid moments
behind-the-scenes (many captured on home video by Mag) on this immensely popular television series. 


Additional information:

The AVCon07 auction of Road to Avonlea memorabilia will include costumes, props, books, DVDs, and many unique and specially autographed items. The proceeds of the auction will go to the Royal Ontario Museum. The event will be held in the Signy and Cléophée Eaton Theatre from 10:30 am-12:30 pm. The auction is open to AVCon07 Members and the public. The auction is free.

The Avonlea Convention will have other Road to Avonlea related events happening in Toronto on Friday, July 27, and Saturday, July 28. For more information: www.avonleaconvention.org

Cost:  AvCon07 attendees $15.00, Public $18.00, Member $15.00

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July 17, 2007

Edging a Flower Border with European Flair

Notes from the Edge

Taming the divide between lawn and garden

There’s a chipmunk running loose in the house. The cats lie moribund in the heat, too phlegmatic to bother chasing him. 

We try to figure out where the chipmunk is hiding but he’s lowered the Cone of Invisibility. We conclude that he’s on the lam from other chipmunks whose daughters he’s knocked up.

Most chipmunks live to yip and show off, but this one is shy, even reclusive. After a single sighting in the sunroom we do not see him again for days. We nickname him Son of Sasquatch.


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Have crevice tool, will travel


Tips for detailing your car’s interior

If you’ve ever taken a nervous cat to the vet in your car, you already know they can shoot fur like spears.

Three months later there’s still fur on the mirrors, fur in the glove compartment and fur in the CD slot. It’s not the cat’s fault that it got so nervous. Nobody was thoughtful enough to mix it a stiff drink so it could endure the 6-minute ride at life-sucking speeds (40 kph).

Nor did anyone invent a way to give cats their shots so that they would feel nothing but their usual soaring indifference.


Stainless and Painless

If you’re living the kind of life that has introduced pet fur, road dirt, salt deposits, ink stains and explosive coffee spills to your auto interior, it could probably use some attention.


Here are some insider tips on getting your car habitable again.


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