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November 2007

November 30, 2007

How to make a primitive pine and copper candle sconce

Copper is a fantastic metal to work with because it's soft and cooperative and easy to shape,emboss or embellish with different patinas. 

My gothic-looking wood and copper candle sconce (center) is bone-easy to make.  You can download free, printable instructions with lots of photos and tips.

How to make embossed copper switch plate covers

P1020795_hi_rez_3 P1020805_hi_rez_2Looking for some excitement this weekend?  How about making some cool copper switch plate covers?

Embossing copper is really easy.  Get your own set of elaborate, printable free instructions

Tips for caulking or recaulking a bathtub


096d_splish It’s well known in my social set that you haven’t really tested your destiny until you’ve hacked the mildewed caulk out of a soggy bathtub joint. At that nadir, that desperate plunge to the bottom of the job jar, you discover your true mettle. If you have a mettle already. And if you don’t, this job will supply you with one. 

Normally the bathtub is a place of reflection and self-pampering. And leg shaving. But now you’re here for a different reason.   You've noticed your caulk peeling for weeks, maybe months, staring eye-level at it every time you recline in the tub.  Now that once-white caulk is spawning black feathers of mildew growth.  It's time to act, but you want the job to last a long, long time.  I can help.  

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November 29, 2007

How to cut wood at blazing speed with a hand saw

In this week's exuberant new video you'll learn how to cut wood at lightning speed without any power tools!  Plus, the searing battle as Mag and Andy go head to head comparing a traditional hand saw against a Japanese style saw. 

Get the winning saw for about $30 at Lee Valley Tools.

November 28, 2007

Land of the Snow Queen

Tamarack_bejewelledIt was foggy overnight as the temperature dropped, and this morning was a wonderland at -15C.  Ice crystals hung in the air stinging eyeballs with micro-daggers.  You had to be there.

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November 26, 2007

Vintage hockey cards get a groovy second childhood

Canadiens_hockey_card_beltI met Isa Bella Campbell at the One of a Kind craft show, which continues in Toronto until next weekend.  She's featured in the Rising Star section of the show along with some other fantastic artisans. 

Isa makes all of her belts, wallets, make-up bags, change purses and billfolds using vintage media and recycled leather apparel.  Like many artists, she came up with her techniques when she was making gifts for lucky friends and relatives.  Her first hockey card belt was a gift to her adult brother, who was thrilled...until he found out that she'd raided his hockey card collection from Grade 5. 

"You cannibalized his own hockey cards?!" I asked, amazed at her pluck. 

"I didn't use the really valuable ones, I swear!"

You can meet Isa at the show (her booth is Read My Hips) or check out Isa's stylish designs online where you can buy her stuff via PayPal (an easy, secure, no-charge way to pay for online purchases). 

How to paint a bathroom floor in a highrise condo

Painted_bathroom_floorMy friend Ellen sent me this photo via e-mail. 

If you live in a highrise building, this is a great flooring upgrade to freak out your relatives.

(Unfortunately, I can't find a credit for the PhotoShop artist, but you can see more human ingenuity at worth1000.com)

November 24, 2007

Sun dogs at dawn


November 23, 2007

Mag is doing 2 hours with Rick Allen this weekend

Any guy who can say this about himself...

"If Bob Vila and Larry the Cable Guy had a baby, it would be me."

...sounds like my kind of guy.  And Saturday morning I get to be on his show.

Rick_allen_3 Rick's House Radio Show was built to answer all of your home improvement questions. If you've got a question, Rick'll help you figure it out.  I'm on board to help him with calls for a couple of hours tomorrow (8-10 Eastern time).

He says he'll learn me how to speak redneck.  This is going to be the best day ever.

Rick’s House is heard throughout Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Georgia.  If you feel like tunin' in to see how we're gettin' along, you can listen live online.  (Choose a username and sign in for access to Rick's show and 180 radio stations across the U.S.)  Give us a call with your questions if you get the urge.  Maybe you can help me learn Rick how to speak Canuck.

One of a Kind Craft Show - Toronto

I visited the One of a Kind craft show in Toronto yesterday and was blown away by the talent of several of the 800 artisans featured.  One of my favourites was Sorrentino Sanche, a joint venture of two artists - a welder (Nathalie Sanche) and a cabinet maker (Angelo Sorrentino) - who have fused their love of shape and sculpture to make the most incredible cabinets I've ever seen.   Their workmanship makes your knees weak with awe.  If you like what you see, you should probably contact them soon.  Several of their works were already tagged 'sold' within the first hour of opening day, and Nathalie said they're still working to complete all of the orders from LAST YEAR's One of a Kind Show!


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