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Zander and MagFree plans for kids!

In partnership with Lowe's Canada, Ruffman Entertainment has produced a video series of fun, colourful projects that families can build together

Each 3-5 minute episode is accompanied by downloadable step-by-step instructions loaded with extra tips and mini-lessons, so even if parents aren't experienced in building, they can learn alongside their kids!  



Pamela Curry

First, I like your website. Very cute ideas and I am happy to see women receiving sponsorship. I ran a website for people, women, who could not afford to go back to school for filmmaking, then collected stuff to start a short film company. That went bad with no start up money so I focused on learning set building, my mother died- who I lived with most of my life, I've been floundering around with how to get back on track. At Xmas bought a bunch of domain names, started to research them - found you. Right now I'm trying to sell because after finding your sight I don't think it describes what I want to do. I just sent your Milk Paint article on to my sister in law who paints bird houses, thought is was very interesting! Anyways I am after a year alone, finally, getting back to being the Alphacat so that is where I will be so I hope to see you in the future in the world that women build.

Michael W

I just watched the video in which you make super-strong fabric from old plastic bags. Even though it didn't work out, you showed grace, humour, and an adventurous spirit, and that's why I love watching! Thanks for modelling, yet again, your "how hard can it be" attitude!
Michael W
Dundas, ON


Great post! I wish you best of luck in future projects!

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