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December 01, 2007

Looking for pink work boots?

Pink_work_boots_2 Pink_tool_belt_2 Okay, many, many people arrive at this site looking for pink work boots and they may not even know that they can accessorize with a matching tool belt or hard hat.

Red_tool_belt Blue_work_boots

If pink's not your thing, you can trick out in red, green, black, blue or tan as well.  Order online at Moxie Trades.

The boots, by the way, meet CSA safety standards, complete with steel toes, cushioned insole and slip-resistant soles.  Oh baby.  Boots $99, Belt $20, Hard hat $20 Pink_hard_hat





Those Working boots are hot! I love them lol! Where do you go to shop for these boots?


Hi Abi,
You live in the States and I don't think the boots are available there yet. However, you can probably order them online from Home Depot Canada and have them shipped.



i live in Dallas, Tx. and when I called homedepot.ca, they said they do not deliver the toolgirl pink work boots to the U.S. suggested I try U.S. depot, however they had no idea what I was taliking about. how can I order the pink work boots? thanks,pal



Tomboy Trades is now Moxie Trades. We have re-branded.... check us out! www.moxietrades.com

We are the makers of the pink work boot!

If you live in the US, you can look up an independent US retailer closest to you on our website, www.moxietrades.com

Or you can just order via our website, www.moxietrades.com

Thanks and enjoy!

j Tulk

I work in a warehouse that employs about 600 men and about 8 women. Two have purchased the pink work boots betsy. My husband bought me a pair recently.I love them but the problem is they don't stay clean long where i work. So I was wondering if they can or have been made in pink leather instead of the suede. thank you J Tulk

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Chris Shand

Where do I find the work boots at home depot.ca?


Hi Chris,
Probably best to check out this link to find the boots. I can't find them on the Home Depot site either.


Let me know if you have any problems.



Will there be pink work boots available with metatarsal guards?

Boom Trucks

My wife loves all things pink on the job site. She needs this whole line of stuff. That hardhat is the same one that lady on EMHE wears isn't it?


Hi Samantha,
No idea about metatarsal guards! Sorry!

Boom Trucks, good eye. That's the hardhat she wears for sure!


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WOW. Those are some stunning boots. I am gonna look for those soon.

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It's a great pair for almost any kind of work. The ladies still go for style even on the hardest of their jobs.

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