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December 13, 2007

New Home Depot concept store - DIY HEAVEN, BABY!

P1020921Home Depot's new Project Store opens today in Richmond Hill and yesterday I got an official press tour from Regional VP Jeff Kinnaird and Frank Turco, the Home Depot's Decor and Colour Trends expert. 

P1010320 The store is pretty hot.  Also, the donuts were good.  It's important for journalists to carbohydrate load prior to a store tour.


By the way, the photo above is the huge new workshop area in the store.  Plus there are electronic kiosks all over the place where you can print instructions for over 400 DIY projects, and there are even call boxes if you hit a spousal impasse when trying to choose carpet or siding, or if you're baffled about plumbing and need to summon a sales associate.  Decor_central

Vast open spaces abound, especially in the design and decor areas.  Parts of the store are hardly recognizable as the Home Depot, although the orange decorating theme helps to keep you oriented.

And the tool corral is no stuffy, closed off area for burly types; it's wide open and airy and every tool is lovingly displayed so you can get your hands on it and palpate its features. 


TIP:  This store even carries the hot new Ryobi Lithium Ion kit ($349), which is harder and harder to find as people scarf 'em up for Christmas. 

The Home Depot Project Store, the first of its kind in North America, is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario at the corner of Elgin Mills and Leslie.   



Kiosks that print DIY project instructions!? Hey, we don't have those in the Home Depot down the street from me...

But they do sell hotdogs...


We dont have one in Marietta either. Parkerburg has one, but i've been inside it.


oops, my bad. Never been inisde the home depot

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