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January 20, 2008

New Power Tools Get Twice the Run Time

In this week's minty-fresh ToolGirl Video, Mag tours the new Ryobi One Plus combo kit and gets a screwing tip from toolguy Keith Potts. 
P.S.  Yes, that background is the location where we filmed Road to Avonlea and Anything I Can Do



Scully(spelling)?, the name you mentioned in your video sounds like a name from the Disney movie Character The Little Mermaid. The video was wonderful, I really loved it. Thanks for posting Mag.
Ps, the farm in the background where Road to Avonlea was filmed is that the King Farm?


How much runtime can you get from the Ryobi tools with Li-ion power? I've seen these on sale at Home Depot. Nothing more annoying than being up a ladder with no more power... Also, does lifetime drop if you leave the battery in the charger?

Abi: Scully was in the X-Files, the more "down to earth" agent.


And to think it only takes 45 minutes to charge, compare it with the charger to my cell phone, which I think takes 1 hr or maybe more to charge.

Keith Potts

The Ryobi Lithium ion batteries are a 2.4 amp hour battery which delivers twice the run time of the blue Ryobi NiCad 18 volt. So whatever time you had on your tools during a certain function, double it with the Lithiums. They also store the charge 4 times longer than the NiCads. You can leave the battery on the charger as there are electronics in the battery and charger that "have a chat" while the battery is charging. Full charge time is 45 min. However I would recommend taking the battery off of the charger once it is done. Just uses less hydro in the shop that way. And you have about 1200 cycles or "trips on the charger" before you need to replace the battery. One last thing it has a 2 year warranty and works well preserving its run time in extreme temps.
If you need more info please let me know and thanks!

Keith Potts
National Trainer/ Events Manager Canada


Oh, (laughs) i've never watched the x-files,Thanks Bob for letting me know where the name scully came from.

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