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April 2008

April 30, 2008

ToolGirls A-go-go!

Mag_ruffman_jacqueline_betterton2 I really had fun recently doing Rogers Daytime with George Tsioutsioulas and Jacqueline Betterton (that's Jacqueline on the left holding the jigsaw) and it gave me a chance to visit my home town - Richmond Hill, Ontario - and stop by Joe's Hamburgers for the best falafel this side of the Atlantic!

April 11, 2008

How to hang artwork in less than a minute with no measuring

Hang & Level tool is too cool!!

For more great tips on how to hang pictures visit the Hang & Level site at:

April 09, 2008

Tools That Rock! at the National Home Show

P1030996_brightened(Photos - Mag discusses Tools that Rock! with EZ-Rock's morning team, Stu and Colleen)

Mag is bringing her Tools That Rock! Innovation Tour to the National Home Show Thursday April 10th at 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Please join us and get in on the FREE GIVEAWAYS from world class manufacturers like Devine Color, Hang & Level, Rubbermaid and Concrobium Mold Control.

Mag's entertaining Tools That Rock! presentation will help you conquer homeowner exasperation this spring.  From interior painting, moisture problems, lack of storage and the corker - hanging artwork - Mag demonstrates some of the world's most innovative new products and delivers insider tips.

P1030999 The National Home Show runs till April 13 at the Direct Energy Center (on the Exhibiton grounds) at 1926 Lakeshore Boulevard West.  With 42,000 square feet of inspiration, admission is cheap at $12!

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April 08, 2008

Interior painting tips - choosing colours, cutting in, prepping

Watch this video for lots of tips on painting a room with Devine Color!

Taking the Pain Out of Painting - Roll your own giant chips

Paint is a powerful force in the universe. Its influence is often disguised behind designer names like Contiguous Pout or First Pimple.

Choosing paint colours can pit relatives against each other in a teeth-baring battle over the interpretation of light wavelengths.



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Thinking outside the closet

Dscn3945_2 Rubbermaid has come up with "Configurations" - the best closet-organizing technology I've seen ever.  Click here for the link.

The entire system hangs off one horizontal rail so screwing is minimal, and for once that's a good thing.

Oh, and there's no hack-sawing the pieces to length because they telescope elegantly into each other to create a custom fit.   Configurations systems are completely customizable and offer additional tart-ups like sliding trouser racks, belt/tie racks, shoe racks, drawers etc.  Systems start at about $150.  Available in white or in a satin-nickel finish, which they've dubbed 'titanium'.   Very easy to install.

Hang & Level - How to hang a picture without arguments or irritation

P1020887_hi_rezSee Mag's 3-minute video demonstration

I first heard about this tool from alert reader Wayne Thurston: 
Mag,  I recently came across the most invaluable tool for picture hanging.  I spent almost 20 years selling, instructing and consulting to the picture frame industry and, now in retirement, have finally found the best.  You can view it on the company website (western Canada)  It's wonderfully called, "Hang & Level", and as advertised, "Marks EXACTLY where the nail goes". Check it out, I use it and it's the closest to perfect I have found.  Wish I had invented it.


I've had huge fun with this tool since I took Wayne's advice and ordered mine online from Under the Roof Decorating ($19.99).  The Hang & Level enables you to effortlessly hang pictures, photos and art objects in a fraction of the time it used to take. You don't need pencils, measuring tapes or swearing. 

P1020906_hang_level_high_res To use the Hang & Level, choose the object you want to mount. Hang it on Hang & Level's perky little hook (or the double hooks for heavier objects), then hold the tool against the wall.  Raise the picture or object to the height that feels right. Then, lift the artwork off the tool and push the small ‘button’ on the lower half of the Hang & Level tool. On the opposite side of the button is a sharp metal spike, which presses a tidy little divot into the wall surface, marking the precise spot where the nail should go.  No pencils, no measuring, no name calling. 

For gobs of picture hanging tips, visit the Hang & Level web site.

See Mag's 3-minute video demonstration of the Hang & Level tool


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