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April 11, 2008

How to hang artwork in less than a minute with no measuring

Hang & Level tool is too cool!!

For more great tips on how to hang pictures visit the Hang & Level site at:



Oh wow, im now confused Mag theres's like two of you in this video! lAughs)

Hang in level, so soo easy!



Mag, you are a hoot! :)


she's too too funny! this reminded me of an episode of Avonlea, "Wink". Mag ruffman is soo soo cool, i still cant get over this video, the best one ever!


Very handy item. I have a series of three nice hangings, all level, all slightly out of alignment because of variations in picture hanging wire length, slack in the wire, etc. I'll check for it at the local Home Depot!

BTW, creative vid too! The dudette on the left looks like a force to be reckoned with... ;-)


The twin on the left after shes done hanging her picture is like beat that I dig it and even more on the buff side too! You totally rock Mag!


oh yeah, I forgot to mention the two thumbsupski signs. Haha Thumbsupski, now theres a word ya never see everyday! Very very cute if I do say so myself. I know im being a goofball, but hey thats just me! Abi so excited about the concert tonight!


Mag I had this thought that came to me a few days ago. If you did had a twin sister just think the left twin can do all cool stuff with me( Like play silly pranks on people like on April fools day and stuff that could be our traditional holiday for us. ) And Mag you can do all the girly stuff with me like go shopping do hair and make-up and wat not! I think that would be like so totally saweet!! We should have a name for the Left twin here Martha thats an awesome name!

Mike Collage

Lol! the video is really funny, nice job. But the device use for measuring is really cool, so easy and fast to hang a frame, no hassle, fantastic.

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