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April 08, 2008

Thinking outside the closet

Dscn3945_2 Rubbermaid has come up with "Configurations" - the best closet-organizing technology I've seen ever.  Click here for the link.

The entire system hangs off one horizontal rail so screwing is minimal, and for once that's a good thing.

Oh, and there's no hack-sawing the pieces to length because they telescope elegantly into each other to create a custom fit.   Configurations systems are completely customizable and offer additional tart-ups like sliding trouser racks, belt/tie racks, shoe racks, drawers etc.  Systems start at about $150.  Available in white or in a satin-nickel finish, which they've dubbed 'titanium'.   Very easy to install.


Randall's Decorating Centre

In regards to your article in the Nov 25 Ottawa's Sun in which it mentions that only Benjamin Moore and Divine paints offer the oversized paint chips, we wanted to inform you that our C2 Paint line also offers an oversized paint chip.
Our Ultimate Paint Chips, which are available in the complete colour line, are 17" x 25" and feature real paint coatings as opposed to an inked likeness.
We would love to have you come in and give you a tour of our show room and a complimentary C2 colour fan.

Thank you for your time,
The staff at Randall's Decorating Centre 555 Bank St.


Thats really cool! I need something like that. Haha, if you think the before picture on yours is bad... Yeah well lets just say that I desperately need an organizational system like that.


I bought it, installed it in my sons room and LOVE it!!! It is sooo easy! Thank you for the suggestion.


Way to go, Valerie! Jennifer, take heart!


Wow, this is a really cool tool. Thanks for the pointer. Container Store has a similar system called Elfa, very well made but also very expensive. I hope this is a cheaper alternative.


Upon closer look, this is not nearly as good as Elfa, but just as expensive, if not more ($53 for a wire basket??!!). The biggest shortcoming is probably the design of all the baskets and accessory shelves -- you can't put two next to each other because they each take up both slots on the down rod. If you're thinking about this system, check out the Elfa from Container Store.


Gee wiz Mag you sure have a lot of neat clothes in your closet, and so well neat organized too. Unlike me, im no where near as organized as you are!

jalil golestani

i love you

mahdiyeh mohammadi

i love you

Closet Organizer System

Yes, Rubber Maid is awesome and this closet organizer really works. It is one of the best I have seen and like you said there is minimum work involved during the set up, which is always a plus for people.

House Painters Seattle

I use those rubber maid tubs for house painting business. It keeps everything neat and organized.

House Painters Seattle

Oh, I almost forgot....Costco has the best prices on the rubber maid tubs.

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