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EcoMist - Best 'green' cleaner I've found

EcoMist comes in 18 formulations  In today's CanWest newspaper column I'm covering my latest discovery in environmentally-friendly cleaning products.  EcoMist is brand new for 2008, developed for The Home Depot by chemist Ted Fagan in Woodbridge, Ontario.

EcoMist cleaners are made from food-grade ingredients, which are listed right on the bottle.  I tested EcoMist against my traditional cleaners and was surprised to find that EcoMist actually works better, and with no fumes, no icky fragrances and no irritation to skin or respiratory systems.

EcoMist formulations won't harm you or your pets, even with prolonged exposure, plus they're anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial.  EcoMist uses leading-edge nano-colloidal technology to lift stains, emulsify grease and disinfect any surface.

EcoMist is available in Canadian Home Depot stores for about $9.