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February 05, 2009

From winter to spring in 5 hours

We left behind the quiet solace of winter on Wednesday...

....and flew to California.  We found Spring in my sister's garden.

Eucalyptus naked Naked eucalyptus

First peach blossom of 2009

Kiss of optimism in the first peach blossom of 2009

Molecules in conference (Brazilian peppercorns)

Molecules in conference (Brazilian peppercorns)



Hi Mag!(Hugs)

You have no Idea how excited Iam to see you finaly posting.. I missed you terriibly and wow Im glad that the comments are back on again... Yay i can start commenting again! Hope to see ya comment more often too... You and Daniel both are in for a real treat... Thanks for posting again....!! Its good seeing you finaly!!!
God Bless
with Love Abi


Ps By the way the pictures are lovely thanks for taking them and sharing them with us!... its good to have you back!!

Gary Earle

It's actually nice to see pictures of spring. I know it will eventually happen here also..(Ohio)...when all the snow finally decides to melt! Until then, I have to be content at looking through seed catalogues and planning the projects for the garden. Sighhh....Oh..by the way..that garden art is soooo cool. I have an Amish neighbor who experiments with making things out of used horseshoes to sell at our local farmers market when it's in season ...I'll have to let him see this.....(when noone else is looking!)


Hey Mag. I also enjoyed the pix, esp. the sunrise one. Is that in your backyard? It looks like a peaceful place to unwind after a stressful day...Will you soon be posting some new videos in that section of your website?

Abi Mensah

I do hope you post more toolgirl videos, man I miss watching them. Its always an enjoyable to watch.
take care,


Yes KNelson, some wacky new videos coming soon, and possibly a music video with a home repair theme. What's not to love?


Thanks Mag, looking forward to seeing them all..

take care,

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