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April 14, 2009

My new bamboo plywood desk - oh baby.

I finally finished my desk. 

Mag Ruffman's bamboo plywood desk

I cajoled the chair mat and mousepad into matching the carpet (using my iron-on technique, covered a few weeks ago).  The floor of the house slopes so much I had to prop up the south legs to make the desk surface horizontal.  You'd slope too if you were 150 years old.

Mag Ruffman's bamboo plywood desktop


P.S.  I got my FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council, meaning the bamboo was harvested sustainably) bamboo from a great local supplier, SilkRoad Toronto.

Mag Ruffman and her DeWALT circular saw

The tenon at the top of each bamboo leg fits into a mortise (hole) on the underside of the desk.  Rudimentary but enduring.  Like leg hair.  Wonder how I made the desk's legs?  It was easy on my lathe (video)

Turned tenon inserts into mortise on underside of desk



Mag, thanks for sharing the picts of the finished product-I'm envious! It looks great-nice big pc screen too! I was reading a library magazine where it talks about new libr's being built. I thought of you since one had bamboo flooring! Hope you had a nice Easter wknd!


Yup, that's my new iMac. The screen is 24 inches of pure glory.

Bamboo is apparently amazing as flooring, and it's insanely renewable since it's a type of grass. What's not to love?



Article about the new IL library is on p.14
"Interiors also make use of sustainable materials such as bamboo
flooring in the Internet café and cork flooring in the quiet reading
room and study rooms. Meeting room chairs use material made
from recycled seat belts and car batteries."
We are looking at something called eco-surface? Ever heard of that? Any pros/cons? Thx!

Abi Mensah

You finaly finished it!, Wow, that is so soo cool!!! Nice New PC by the way< totally sweeettt!! I know, i say that word a lot! Lol,

Abi Mensah

Just curious what website were looking at? Im tryin to see what it is, but cannot really tell!


That's a fantastic desk Mag. Can't believe you haven't lifted the floors yet!

Abi Mensah

by the way you have a nice house!

take care,


I am looking to make a bamboo plywood desk too. Can you tell me what thickness of plywood you used? What did you use on the underside for support? And what kind of clear finish did you use? Many thanks!


Great Design and best use of Bamboo plywood. I want to utilize this design but for less in size table.

Laminate flooring

The carpet flooring below the bamboo dest looks so beautiful!

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You finaly finished it!, Wow, that is so soo cool!!! Nice New PC by the way< totally sweeettt!! I know, i say that word a lot!

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