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April 02, 2009

5 Reasons to Gear Up with Power Tools

Mag Ruffman with her twin DeWALT 18-volt drills

  1. Owning your own cordless drill makes you want to rush home after work.
  2. You get to use suggestive terms like 'torque' and 'ratcheting chuck'.
  3. You can say stuff like, “With this much torque, screwing is more satisfying”.
  4. Putting on a tool belt makes you look like Cat Woman, only with more torque.
  5. When they watch you working, your male friends will experience an increase in their angular momentum.


Abi Mensah

I recognize the picture... it was in one of your articles, I saw in the archieves a while back.. titled "Chicks and Tools"


#3 about made water come out my nose from giggling! Glad to see you back to blogging!!!

Abi Mensah

I have a new nick name for you.. ready for this? Toolgirl Diva! Suits you perfectly especially with your toolgirl belt.. haha!
take care,


This picture & comments (as well as other blog entries I've seen) reminded me of what I just got done watching--the special feature to Season 5 of the Road to Avonlea series. We really saw Mag's playful side in the interviews which is what is fun about watching the various DIY videos & reading the blog blurbs. Thanks for keeping me smilin'. :)


Thanks KNelson,
I've never had time to watch the interviews but I remember having fun while we were shooting them. We honestly had so much fun making that series. I have my fingers crossed that one day we'll do another movie to follow up on how the Avonlea gang is doing. I'm sure by now Aunt Hetty is in a nut house.


Condo Blues

#4 is so true. Especially when I where my toolbelt - it's hot pink.


I have always loved 'torque', I am glad to have found your blog.

Donna Altomonte

Hi Mag,
I used to watch your fix-it-shows and really enjoyed them. I thought it was great to see a woman enjoy working with power tools. I love woodworking myself. My husband bought me a router saw for my birthday which was great. I hadn't seen you anywhere and was wondering if you were still doing fix-it shows but today I saw you in the NY Times. Glad you have continued in this field and congrats on your success.


Thanks girls.

Condo Blues, where'd you get your belt!? I've seen soft pink but never hot pink.

Amy, 'torque' is underrated. Love your blog. Cute furfaces!

Donna, always good to hear from a fellow woodworker. Send some photos of your projects when you get a minute why dontcha? - [email protected]



Mag-here is part of the interview I was referring to in another comment above.
http://www.sullivanmovies.com/video/ and go to Sarah Polley
There is a little bit more footage on Season 5's special features...


Thanks K - that's fun stuff.

Abi Mensah

I've watched the Avonlea Interview posted up there before.. You and Sarah had having alot of fun on the set!. Mag do you sometimes miss Avonlea? I sure do.. it was a really really great show. I grew up watching it and still do watch it! I think I might watch an episode today..Lol!


You are the sexiest women alive!

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