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May 03, 2009

Women building 16 homes this week in Habitat Women Build

Scaffolding rocks This is blitz week for Toronto Habitat for Humanity and 2000 women are slated to put up walls and roofs on 16 new homes.  I'm shooting lots of video and photos and meeting fantastic women who've volunteered to strap on toolbelts.  I'll post some video as soon as I have it edited.  You can follow the build's progress at the official WomenBuild web site.


Abi Mensah

Thanks for posting this.. I cannot wait to see the vidoes,
take care,


It was interesting to see all the pictures & it looks like they are almost done reaching 100% of their goal of the 16 houses! Awesome! Looks like it was fun to help all those families get nice homes. Way to go!

Abi Mensah

I agree with Karin.. it sure looks like they had a lot of fun doing that project. I hope to see a photo or video of you inside it also... I enjoyed seein all the pics... have a great Day,
take care,


Thanks Mag for coming out Friday to share the fun and magic with others! We are having a great time but, more importantly, we are helping to build a better life for others and fulfilling dreams. It is also an empowering and satisfying experience for the volunteers! Great pics.


Shirley, you girls are doing a fantastic job. I'll be back Wednesday or Thursday to see how it's going.



Hey Mag. Look at what is #1 on this Top Ten Skills Every Woman Needs to know from Womans Day magazine-I bet it makes you proud! :)



Wow - and a great place to learn how to do #1 is to volunteer for a Habitat for Humanity build! (Can you tell how much I love Habitat?)


Shirley Farrar

You are a great supporter of Habitat and were there with your camera and video camera a few times. I am looking forward to your video and the pictures of the final day celebration. Mag OYEH!

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