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Great Father's Day Gift

Just in time for Father's Day, we've got a second printing of We're All In This Together ready to go and Canadian Tire has picked up the book. 
I'm on the road for the next couple of weeks signing books at Canadian Tire stores, so drop in if you're close by.  Check here for a detailed list of appearances.  Hope to see you there! 
In the meantime, here's a 2-minute clip from a recent book reading event where Steve and I tried to explain our decision to sell the book only in Canadian hardware stores.


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I really enjoyed the article. It proved to be Very helpful to me thanx


Sorry Irene! Egad, time flies! Yes, the book is available in the States (just came to Amazon a week ago) - You can click the link in the side bar to order a copy. And even though the Amazon page says they're 'temporarily out of stock' we're filling orders as fast as we get 'em from Amazon. Hope that helps. Thanks for the compliment, and hope you have a wonder-filled day as well; those are the best kind of days.


Irene Pomerinke

Mag...The book sound wonderful, you and Steve make a great pair! Can I get the book in the states? Hope you're having a wonder filled day

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