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July 17, 2009

For the Toolies - Stiletto Titanium Hammers and Pry Bars

If you do a lot of construction framing, or if you only do occasional framing but you're a bit of a suck about it, or if you suffer from repetitive strain injuries, you will LOVE the Stiletto hammer. 

The head of the Stiletto hammer is titanium so the hammer is easy to swing and it doesn't transfer as much shock into your forearm.  And the look of these babies?  HAWT.

Here's one of mine:
Toolbelt - extra bulky - Daniel Hunter

If you're skeptical about the benefits of titanium there's a great article on the Fine HomeBuilding blog re: switching from a regular hammer to titanium. 

And now there's a brand new entry in the Stiletto line-up - titanium pry bars that drip with gorgeousity. 
It seems they REALLY want you to try one because they're offering you a 'free' Stiletto hammer ($US119 value) if you buy a 15-inch flatbar for $US169 (details here). 

I'll get my hands on a sample of the new pry bar and review it here.  The titanium bar is 5 times stronger than steel and yet weighs in at 45% of the weight of a normal old steel pry bar (i.e. Sweetness. And light). 


tony olsen

Hey Mag!

That whole top photo is 'hawt'!
Here's mine:

keep up the entertaining news eh?



I agree so totally hot!


Ahhhhhhhh Mag,,,,,nice......


Hey Tony, that's really a sweet piece of hardware. Thanks for the link. Once you go titanium, you never go back!


Those hips sure look like they come in handy. I was on the roof the other day with a tool belt on over a climbing harness. Couldn't keep the damn thing on.

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