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July 10, 2009

Lathe Bloomer: How to Become a Woodturner

I love my lathe.  There.  I've said it.  It's an actual love relationship.  I pat it every time I walk past it in the workshop.  I bring it gifts (new chucks).  And I think about it when I'm cutting the lawn.

We recently finished a video that shows my very first woodturning project, which was making the voluptuous legs for my new desk.  Sure, I could have started small with a candlestick or a wine-stopper, but I really needed legs for my new desk and the idea of turning raw, angular blocks into silky-smooth curves made me feel like the Goddess of Undulations, if there was such a goddess. 

If you search YouTube you won't find very many woodturning videos with girls in them and I think we should change that.  Here's my entry:



Lovely, Mag. Always wanted to try turning.

Of course your next step is to make a pole-lathe. Here's a link to an amazing guy who lives near me (we use his bowls daily for breakfast) - great videos too.


Mark Rose

Awesome video Mag!! I've watched your shows, followed your website and knew sooner or later you "wood" fall for a lathe. I've been turning for years and love it! There are many women in woodturning. Betty Scarpino is the editor of American Woodturner the journal of the AAW. Cindy Drozda http://www.cindydrozda.com/ makes the most beautiful lidded boxes with gorgeous finials. Marilyn Campbell is a fellow Ontarian who creates wonders with her lathe http://www.marilyncampbell.ca/
A lathe is a beautiful tool and I think you'll find it'll turn into a passion rather quickly. It did for me.
Keep up the great work!


Wow, you guys are blowing my mind with these links! How inspiring. I actually first learned about lathes at the Ontario Science Centre when my Grade 6 class visited in 1968 and they had a foot-powered pole lathe! I never forgot how cool it was.

And Mark, thanks for the links to these incredible woodturners. They're just awesome - so glad to know about them - Cindy even has her own line of turning tools; how cool is that?


Fred Williams

That's a great story and good footage of the turning. I'm trying something similar because I'm reading up on piano repair and tuning. I've always loved pianos, (I've played since I was 5), and I tune my own, -with an electric box,- so I want to see if I can maybe make a living at it. Like you say, "How hard can it be?" (;-))

Viorel Agocs

You Canadians are such a wonderful and pleasant people. Nice to see you in action ;)


I never understood the whole "girls with guns" video thing, but I can solidly get behind the "girls with lathes" video genre!

I started turning several years back, and recently was so burned out at work that I took a full week off and spent it all in my workshop, much of it turning.

For others interested in learning how to turn, I suggest two things that have helped me:

1) Richard Raffan's books


2) Woodturner University at SmartFlix


I'd love to see more blog posts dedicated to turning - projects, techniques, whatever!

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