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July 23, 2009

Visit with a New Homeowner

I have a confession.  A couple of months ago I met a lovely young woman named Jennifer Speedy.  She had just bought her first home.  She was anxious, yet suffused with anticipation.  Maybe you've felt that way too.

I got excited meeting Jen because I love first-time homeowners.  They're full of hope, ambition and terror.  So I talked Jennifer into enduring a visit from ToolGirl.  She didn't ask.  She may not even have wanted my advice.  But she acquiesced to having me drop by her home to proffer my ToolGirl wisdom.  (Plus I brought a camera crew.)  A very gracious soul is Jennifer Speedy.

You can meet Jennifer and her house below.  You can also see the impromptu home improvement lesson I foisted on her.  Just know that if I visit YOUR house, it may not go this well.




So, you are not using a dry-wall saw, or a chisel, or a router with a special dry-wall outlet template and attached espresso maker -but a cheap screw driver?

After all these shows, that use their sponsors' tools and tell you to never ever use a screw driver for chiseling??



Screwdrivers are the unsung heroes of the chiseling underground.

Glad you weren't offended.


Darrell Thorpe

Its much safer if you turn the electrical outlet around and have the ground pin facing up. If the plug happens to be pulled out a little bit and something falls on the exposed pins it will short out and could cause a fire. It happened to me in my shop, it didn'd cause a fire but it did blow a fuse.


Hi Darrell,
I agree that the ground pin should always be on top but the part you didn't see was that there was so much extra wire that we didn't have room to twist them and rather than reconfigure (cut the cables shorter) we just did the quick think and put 'em back the way they were to begin with. The electrical code book says up or down is okay for the ground pin, but I agree with your advice. Glad your shop didn't get torched. Love the tip - thanks.



If it is a GFCI circuit, the blades can be up. The circuit will cut out at a microamp level breach which is harmless. Since many kitchen and bath appliances are designed with a plug for the pin down position, it's better to install the outlet to match the appliance.

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