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Glove_and_concrobium2_5x7_100_dpi Hi Mag , i have a question for you - i have two washrooms and both of them are full of mold.  every month i clean the walls and ceiling with bleach.   mold comes back again.  what should i do to get rid of it.  my house is about 18 years old. please advise.  thanks.


Hi there,

The product you need is available at the Home Depot in Canada. It’s called Concrobium. It stops mold and mildew and it doesn’t come back.  Ever.  (here's one example from my own home)  Concrobium is formulated from food-grade chemicals so it’s non-toxic. It’s a brand new product and I've used it to kill both the smell and reappearance of mildew in our basement and porch. It rocks.

Here are the instructions for use:

1. Remove heavy soil from the surface to be treated.

2. Thoroughly spray the entire area with Concrobium (or apply with a Concrobium-soaked cloth or roller). . If surface has visible fungal growth or staining, additional scrubbing may be required. Note: Concrobium is safe for us on almost all surfaces, including wallboard, plaster, ceiling tiles, wood, metal, plastic, stone, concrete, tile, fabrics, upholstery. If in doubt, perform a test on a small, inconspicuous section.

3. Wipe off excess wetness.

4. Allow to dry overnight (16-18 hours). Do not rinse. Note: in the event of accidental over-application, a harmless white residue may form on the surface. This can be easily wiped away with a Concrobium-dampened cloth.

Concrobium is available in most hardware stores in the US and Canada.


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This is a really informative posting I must say. I think I would like to try this product if it is really that much effective on molds and mildews.


I just wanted to thank you because I found one of your videos titled replace tail light. I was replacing a tail light on my wife's 2001 Nissan Pathfinder. I unscrewed the two screws from the rear light housing & it would not fully come off. Something was holding it to the body on the left side & I didn't want to force it & possibly break it. So I went to WONDERHOW & found your video. I noticed you located & unsrewed a screw on the outter housing before you unscrewed the two screws I saw at first glance. After viewing your video I returned to the rear of the Pathfinder & searched for the outside screw & didn't find one. I took a gamble & twisted & pulled the light housing a little & it came off. It was being held by two plastic prongs that were inserted into two plastic holes on the body. I replaced the burnt tail light & housing. Everything worked!

Thanks again



stupid question, but what are fungal nails?

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