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Fifty percent of Canadians can't park in their over-stuffed garages.  Our $30,000 cars are oxidizing year-round in the driveway while excess and even unwanted belongings pile up in the garage.

For an investment of about 10% of the value of your automobile, you can handle your garage clutter, create massive vertical storage, and create a useable, drop-dead-gorgeous space.  (see 'before' shot below!)

Burlington homeowners Mark Quinn and Shona Livingstone agreed to let us perform a 2-day makeover on their garage.  We sent Mark away to watch football so Shona and I could surprise him with a new Man Cave.  We had a blast.  The only tools we needed were a screwdriver, cordless drill, a level and an electronic stud finder. 


Here's our BIG REVEAL on CHCH TV this morning as Mark explores his gorgeous new garage. All components courtesy of the folks at Gladiator Garage Works. (available at Lowe's and in Sears catalog).


CHCH crew Lori and Nick do a promo from the garage before we bring Mark in


Mark blindfolded a few minutes before we introduced him to his dazzling new garage.


Shona and I assembling the cabinets the day before - really easy to follow printed instructions.


We decided to give the walls a fresh coat before we installed the Gladiator components.  (So glad we took the time.  Leaving the walls gnarly would have shamed all those shiny new Gladiator cabinets, panels and track.) 


By the way, Shona had never used power tools or hand tools prior to the installation.

Garage in need of makeover

This is how the garage looked before we started. 

Total cost of makeover:  About $3200 and 16 hours of time.  SO worth it.



totally studily!


totally studily!

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