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September 30, 2009

When Your House "Isn't Done Yet" It's Hard to Relax

I have a confession.  I hardly ever entertain because I'm embarrassed about the state of our house.  Currently there are bare plywood floors, gutted spots, a torn up basement, a semi-finished patio and a porch wall that leaks. 

People might expect me to be more on top of these projects.  Well, I'm not. 

But as long as nobody ever comes over, nobody will ever find out, right?  That's kind of a goofy way to live, though, hiding from the opinions of others.

Okay, second confession:  The state of the house isn't the only reason I'm reluctant to throw dinner parties.  I'm also a nervous hostess.  I get wound up and anxious and I'm SO not a cook.  Our kitchen equipment is also outdated (we have a 20-year-old blender that sounds like a WWI bi-plane) and since we eloped we don't have wedding registry finery that a good hostess would use to snazz up a dining room for guests.

So I was kind of over-eager to get some tips from decorating and design maven Vicky Sanderson, who was on site at the home of Mark Quinn and Shona Livingstone, where I was shooting a Gladiator garage makeover for CHCH Morning.  Vicky was also on the show with fall tips for entertaining so I took advantage of her knowledge and helpful advice. 

You'll get some idea of how vast my ignorance is, but you'll also see how to solve some entertainment conundrums.  My favourite thing: the rockin' slow cooker from Hamilton Beach.


Mark Harrison

Yeah, we had a semi-elopement. It was just the immediate family because we couldn't afford the wedding which would have involved over 300 guests (I married into an Armenian family) just so nobody was offended. That didn't include friends! This way, everybody was offended equally :)

What we did later was scour the antique auction houses for nice china. A ten place Noritaki setting with all the extras (tureens etc) for $75! Oh and lots of other stuff that is worth way more than what I paid. I bought a couple of failures as well but we're well up overall.


Cool story about your semi-elopement.

A ten-place setting for $75 is brilliant! Thanks for the great tip about auction houses.



You're a sweetheart Mag.. thanks for posting this video... it was fun and entertaining!

Phil Hoolboom

Hi Meg, thank you for the tips, love your stories, I really do.



Thanks Phil. I expect I'll never run out of stories. Glad you appreciate 'em.


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