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October 19, 2009

A Canadian ToolGirl is Going to Mexico on CityTV, Baby

Okay.  A ToolGirl definitely has to win this.

What exactly are ToolGirls good at it?  Well, everything.  But especially dreaming.

So the spoils of this CityTV contest --- which will send you and 3 of your favourite people (2 rooms, baby) to hang out for a week at Mexico's drop-dead gorgeous Azul Beach Hotel and eat gourmet foods, drink cocktails and bask in “Canopy Beach Beds” admiring the surf --- is surely worth entering. And it’s even courtesy of (sing it with me) iTravel2000.com.

Picture 1

What do you have to do to qualify? Oh, taste the deliciousness. 

Simply build a model of your ‘dream home’ with popsicle sticks, particle board, foam-core, plywood, sugar cubes or whatever you have in your drawers.  Then snap a photo of your model and send it to CityTV (easy form and rules). 

There’s only a week left.  Citytv launched this online contest on October 2nd to encourage Canadian families (or 'GROUP of FRIENDS' if you haven’t procreated yet) to spend time together by building a small-scale version of their "Extreme Dream Home."

The contest was created because, in case you hadn’t noticed, CityTV is now running Extreme Home Makeover, so they’re letting you in on the camaraderie, speed, fun and crying of that very show. 

High-profile Canadian designers Ramsin Khachi, Janette Ewen and Samantha Sannella, who are participating as judges, unveiled their own designs. 

Here's an example: Janette Ewen's modular aquarium house

Janette Ewen - Maison Bobo[1]

Can you one-up a designer?  (To be fair, the designers didn’t get a trip to Mexico for their trouble.  But you will.)

The winning entry will be announced on www.Citytv.com on November 12, 2009.  I’m pulling for you.



Mexico palooza saweet!!

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