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October 23, 2009

50% of Homeowners with Garages Can't Even Park in There; Here's Why

This is a 4-minute story that took two days to shoot, but you'll quickly see how a few simple tools and some chick-energy can transform a grotty looking garage into a freakishly tidy, efficient work space. 

I want to use this stuff in my sewing room, my office and inside some of my closet doors.  Because vertical storage rocks.



This vidoe is smokin sweet. I totally love this segment you and the crew put together. How interesting people cannot park their car inside the garages.. of course no room. Cause its filled loads of Junk yard stuff they cannot even begin to get rid of it. Thanks so much for posting this video.. you did tell me that you will have a video and add it on toolgirl and ya did. You have just made my day thank you. This video rocks

Tony Olsen

OK Mag, you can come down to Galveston and do my garage too.... please?.... Great job, like the system.


I've seen Mags picture with shona.. both having their shinday of beer! Thanks again Mag for postin this video>. love ya lots!

hmmm Abi: wonders if shinday is even a word. eh what the heck, best word out there anyhow!


I'd kinda like to know the percentage of homeowners that have garages.


In Canada, 68% of homeowners have garages.

Title corrected.



Sometimes my mind asks the unaksed questions. 50% of homeowners can't park in their garage. Do the other 50% have garages? I guess with taking statics at the moment the relevance and precision of values is on my mind.

It looks like a cool system but I'm betting the system has an upper and lower lip for each hanger. I use my garage as a production wood shop (though it will take 2 cars) so dust could be a problem. Let me know if I'm wrong.

Condo Blues

I dream of a wall of cabinets to hold all of my stuff and a workbench with storage to hold all of my tools and tools to be. *sigh*


I love these oversimplifications. Stop frame, look at the stuff in the before shot. Do the same with the after shot. Where did all that stuff go... useless stuff like the garbage cans.

This might be television, but it sure as heck ain't REALITY television! More like an infomercial.


You're right. This isn't reality TV. For one thing we had no budget, so I provided my time for free and so did the homeowner. And the CHCH TV crew arrived before we had put everything back in the garage. So what you're seeing is the job not totally finished. The homeowners also wanted to epoxy the garage floor so they had stored some of the larger items, like the garbage cans, in the alley beside their house. I'll ask them to send me a photo of how the garage looks now and we'll see what reality actually looks like.


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