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October 30, 2009

Wall Desk

via www.skiltools.com

I subscribe to the Skil newsletter. Sometimes it has killer-cool projects. This wall desk is one of 'em.

The idea is great and the design (downloadable as a free PDF) looks pretty easy. I haven't tried it myself but I may modify it to use as a countertop computer cabinet in the kitchen. I gotta do something. There are cords everywhere and it looks kinda ooogly.



awww the desk is really really cute.


I don't quite understand peoples attachment to cords. A laptop and wireless printer cuts out the ooogly. I guess people like to be tied down.


I can explain. Wireless back-ups take forever so there's a cord to the back-up drive. Plus all of our music is on a 500G drive so that's another cord. Power cord is crucial because the battery only lasts 4 hours at a time. Printing is wireless though. Got that nailed. Have you seen the wireless roll-up computer of the future? http://bit.ly/pEizz


I keep forgetting your in Canada. You live under a different set of standards though I don't know why there isn't an exception for you.

I'm wondering why in the world does she have a back up drive. A hip young thing like yourself would be using transparent online backup. But the up stream data standard is low so online back would be worse than wireless backup.

On a positive note, Canadians are the world largest file sharers which would explain the 500G drive for music.

And you provide the US with 60% of our wood. Somehow we Americans lost the ability to cut down trees.

Hopefully you'll have a relatively cord free future and be able to use the wall desk for snail mail.


Dude, 500G is just the size of the drive. There's only 26G of music on it, and I paid for every note! I hate file sharers; not fair to artists or the spirit of copyright laws.

And you're welcome for the wood.


With you being in the entertainment and publishing fields I've never doubted you.

I was surprised by the stat though.

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