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December 05, 2009

ToolGirl in the News Thanks to Journalist Alex Newman


Such a nice article in The Star today.  Thanks to Alex Newman for pulling so many crazy details together and making me sound like I have a coherent plan in life!



Mag ruffman so increbibly famous... her sweet personality is the reason why... Mag you go girlll!!!


I was wondering if you were being taken out of context.

Ruffman concludes that with these two levels, doing it yourself isn't an "option. There's too much knowledge and expertise and skill required to fix those things.(mechanical systems)"

I've never found residential mechanicals to be to difficult. With a few specialty tools, a good reference and some common sense, most people can learn to fix these systems.

If you have the "gun is always loaded and don't point it at anything you don't want to shoot" kind of common sense, you're good to go on the mechanicals.

If you don't and go ahead with the mechanicals, well you'll probably just end up tidying up the gene pool.



Yeah that's a minor misquote. I would never conclude that mechanical systems DIY isn't an option. I've done plenty of it and though it's fiddly and sometimes frustrating, it's very much an option for many of us. For SOME people plumbing and electrical are a bit out of range, usually because they lack the desire to learn, not because they couldn't do it if pressed.

I think there are 4 levels in DIY:
CAN (those who possess the skills, intelligence, desire and tools);
CAN'T (those with physical or mental blocks or disabilities);
WON'T (those who refuse to get enthused, dirty, irritated, educated, tooled up or motivated and will usually hire someone else to do it);
SHOULDN'T (migrants from the CAN'T group who don't perceive shortcomings as a limitation to ambition - i.e. the gene pool tidy-uppers)



God bless the WON'T and care for the CAN'T.

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