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What to Look for in a Plumber

We produced a movie about plumbers for HomeStars, the online site where people review their contractors.  Okay, it's not a whole movie, it's more of a short.  And it's full of passion.   Oh, and I composed the musical score (in GarageBand) as a tribute to the company's owner, who's Scottish by birth.  See what you think, and I dare you not to tap your foot in time with the Scottish/Cuban/Celtic musical stylings.

Credit to:

Sue Mitchell - editing

Daniel Hunter - camera



Hey, Maggie,,,

Wow 19 plumbers is alot.. and you've sure been busy... Daniel and sue great job on the video shoot nd editing... you can see passion in these peoples eyes and its incredible. they totally kickass and they wanna help others.. so they wouldnt be frantic or freaked out all the time.. thanks Maggie for the post and have a great day...

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