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May 14, 2010

Natural Dandelion Killer


I've never really been bothered by dandelions.  They break up the boring green monoculture known as lawn. 

But they're out of hand this year. 

In fact, just yesterday as I was cutting the lawn I thought, "Dang, I wish somebody would come up with a natural dandelion killer, because these dandelions are getting my goat.  If I had a goat.  Which I don't.  But if I did have a goat, I bet that goat would eat these dandelions. I wonder how much goats cost. I wonder how much goats poo."  Does everyone else have thoughts this deep while cutting the lawn? I doubt it.

So TODAY, as if by MAGIC, this press announcement landed in my InBox, courtesy of Home Improvement Retailing.

Scotts Unveils Natural Weed Killer

Scotts Canada has developed a dandelion killing product which can be used across the country in any centre that has banned pesticides, says Glenn Martin, director of marketing. Scotts EcoSense Weed B Gon is a ready-to-use liquid weed control product that controls broadleaf weeds without harming the grass or the environment. Derived from iron, it is absorbed by the weeds where it is oxidized by the cells destroying the plant from the inside out. Plus, the iron is a nutrient for the lawn. It can be used at any stage in the life cycle of the weed and works within five to 14 days.

"Unveils"?  Does that means it's on shelves?  Or has it just been announced in front of some industry insiders and the rest of us have to wait months while retailers decide whether or not to stock it?

I've already called Media Relations at Scott's Canada to find out where to buy it.  As soon as I can get my hands on some of this Weed B Gon stuff I'm going to try it. 

If it works, I'll let you know retailer info.  If it doesn't work, I"ll let you know where to buy goats.



For a moment there I thought you had trained your cat to stock and kill dandelions.


I know it was a little misleading for the alert reader, but including the little lioness seemed more interesting than a plain ole portrait of dandelions.


your cat is so so adorable...evenbi the dandelions are incredible pretty and cute!


I picked up some of the Scotts product at Canadian Tire. I used it on the front lawn, and it was very effective!

Thanks Mag!


Oh cool! That's really encouraging, David.

I have a feeling that between Weed B Gon and my new Fiskar's weed puller, this is going to be a great summer!

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