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May 12, 2010

Meet the Woman Behind Sugru (Wired UK)

[A short nice article via www.wired.co.uk]

Jane is the coolest person I've met on the Internet this year, and her product, Sugru (Irish word meaning 'play') is so good, it's hard to describe without sounding like a zealot.

(TIP: That's a big wad of Sugru in Jane's left hand; it comes in several colours.)

Sugru is Jane's invention - a silicone rubber compound that comes out of the packet soft, mouldable and stretchy, and cures to a very tough, shape-holding stiffness (but still slightly flexible) about 24 hours later.  Sugru is like having your own plastic extrusion facility, except you form the stuff with your own fingers.

Sugru also gives you an insanely fun way to hack, fix, alter, amend, append, connect, reinforce, improve or fabricate anything you need, plus it sticks to aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass, wood, leather and many fabrics and plastics.  

Back in December I ordered a sample pack of Sugru on the first and only day it went on sale (because its entire production run sold out in the first 18 hours!).  Some of my hacks are featured in posts below.  I love this stuff.

Obviously the overwhelming response from hackers worldwide meant that Jane had to tool up to meet huge demand, and that's what she's been doing for the past 6 months.

People of earth, get ready for Sugru.  It's coming very, very soon.  (You can track Sugru updates on their Facebook page or on Twitter (@projectsugru).



how sweet ohh man.. whats your favorite sugru color?


I like the black Sugru. Black goes with anything (and hides inferior workmanship).


I was wondering have you ever met the lady that invented sugru?


Just on the Internet!


sweet.. how cool is that? do you think you would want to meet her in real life?

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