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June 21, 2010

Got Protection?

Tons of dads got power tools for Father's Day.  Forbes magazine recently published a list of the Ten Most Dangerous Power Tools.  Chain saws, table saws, circular saws and power drills all made the list.  Coincidentally, sales at national hardware chains have the same tools on their list of favourite Father's Day gifts.

Recent figures cite "a preponderance of males" associated with DIY injuries.  Out of 615 cases in one study, 89.1% were of the male persuasion. 

Lots of the injuries (22%) are to the head, face and neck.  Eyes get hurt most often, usually because the tool user forgot to wear safety glasses.  It's easy to forget because safety glasses have traditionally been butt-ugly Poindexter-ish things that fog up and collect surface scratches to the point of being a visual impediment after a couple of weeks use.

But the very latest safety gear is hot and effective.  You no longer have to sport gear that looks like it belongs in a 1950s science lab. 

Dark Safety Glasses 050

For example, AO Safety makes CSA and ANSI rated safety sunglasses that look good on just about anyone, plus they come with a hard shell case.  They're lightweight, grippy, and have nice wide arms to provide side protection. You also get UV protection and scratch-resistant coating -  I still haven't scratched mine after a month of heavy usage.  About $30.

Another cool new offering is WorkTunes hearing protection.  It's a great set of ear phones that comes with digitally-tuned AM/FM radio and an MP3 input.  I have 2 other sets of earphones with MP3 inputs and/or radio, and WorkTunes provides the best audio quality with good bass response.  If you prefer silence and your own thoughts, you can get excellent protection from a pair of Peltor professional grade ear phones, and they even make 'em in junior size if you have a little helper.  About $50 for WorkTunes, $30 for the basic model, $20 for the Junior set.

Ear Muffs 048



oh my god maggie. that mp3 is so damn cute.. so so tiny!!!! i bet its alot easier to carry in your pocket... then any other radio devicce right?


I love my old Craftsman chainsaw. It's all metal and has none of those silly "safety" features on it so you can do all sorts of things that can't be done with them newfangled saws.

I'm taking it to the grave even if it takes me there.


I know what you mean Michael. Those 'safety' features are often lame anyway. Some of them do more to confuse and endanger the user. I hope you're doing some trunk sculpting with that old Craftsman. There's nothing like a sculpted trunk.

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