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June 04, 2010

Non-toxic, Natural Weedkiller - Weed B Gon

This stuff seriously rocks.  Weed B Gon exposes weeds to excessive amounts of iron (absorbed through their leaves and roots when you spray it on).  Oxidation damages the interior cell walls and the weed turns black, shrivels up and expires. 

Here's my photo essay:

Day One - I came, I saw, I sprayed


Day Two - Evidence of oxidization...or is it all in my mind?


Day Three - Was I just imagining the slow death of a common enemy?  I think not.


Day Four - See yah, sucka


There's a little I missed on the edges, but the big sucker in the middle is toast. 

The beauty of Weed B Gon is that it only attacks broadleaf weeds, not grass, so you can spray it all over your lawn and only the weeds will die. 

(Nailing the weeds growing in mulch, though, was a priority for me because Daniel and I carefully spread 8-inch-thick mats of mulch all over the gardens this spring and it was wounding my pride to see them peppered with dandelions)

EcoSense Weed B Gon is available everywhere Scotts products are sold - notably Home Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, RONA and many independents.  

And here's the final shot after 5 days:




"Nailing the weeds growing in..."

Nailing is what came to mind when you mentioned iron. Why not just fire up the compressor, load a nail gun with ring-shanks, set the trigger to auto, and unload on the little bastard.


And Daniel! Who's this Daniel character. There are single men, the world over, that have bought your books, and not for the verbiage mind you, and have invested a significant amount of time developing a totaly unhealthy fantasy life with their favorite tool girl.


Just thought id let you know that Daniel.. Daniel hunter is mags husband!


I know. Mag seems like the kind of gal that likes a little overreacting by her readership.


Talk about 2 names that belong in a novel.

Daniel Hunter, and his trusted mistress, Mag Ruffman, set out on their quest to find the lost city of...

Dan D'Lyon

Hi. It looks like that's only available in Canada at the moment. What's actually in it? Does it list the ingredients on the bottle?

Kate of the North

Excellent! I'll look for this next time I'm near a bigger town ... with a Home Hardware store ...
Not happy to hear that 8 inches of mulch didn't handle the dandelions though. Fart-a.


i i know that novel would be a hit.. hmmmm


The idea has gotten itself somewhat stuck in my mind. I see Daniel Hunter as being an over indulged, over educated Brit in exile in Canada and Mag Ruffman, a skilled woman of means, as being his endless savor from many a delicate situations.

I was at a publishing company yesterday. Got to go makes some calls....


Great Abi. You now have me on to sub plots. Is Mag a woman of chaste virtue, ever faithful to the cheating Daniel, or does Mag have enduring romantic liaisons with Pablo, her father's Argentine stable boy, her own private mountie.


Oh great, now I have dialog forming.

"Oh bloody Christ" Daniel said. "I'm sure there's nothing to worry about" replied Mag. "I have plenty of Sugru."
"No, it's nothing like that." snapped Daniel. "The Americans are watching the border." "I've got my glock." retorted Mag.


Mag had return to her father's estate on holiday from teaching at university. She notice activity in the stables. Once there, she saw a young, dark haired man and asked "What is about?" There was only confusion. Mag tried Spanish and Pablo replied that he had been hired by her father to service the mares. Mag asked "With all our modern technology, why wasn't this done more clinically?" Pablo briefly looked up and said "With horses, it had to be done old school."

Mag thought for a moment. And with a slight smirk, looked at Pablo and said "I'd like to be done old school." Pablo reached for a musk ridden stable blanket. Mag had a silent laugh. Only silly people thought French was the language of love.


You nut bar, Michael! You've got to give up engineering. Your destiny is fiction. Such richly nuanced prose belongs in the hands of romance readers worldwide. Don't deny them!



Dan, the only ingredients listed on the Weed B Gon label are preservatives - "Contains 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-izothiazolin-3-one at 0.0007571% and
2-methyl-4-izothiazolin-3-one at 0.0002479%, as preservatives" and all it says by way of warning is that it causes slight eye irritation. And that prolonged or frequently repeated skin contact may cause allergic reaction in some people. Pretty mild stuff. Does that help?



I can also see that novel becoming a big movie hit worldwide.. that'll be totally sweet!!


One more for fun.

Mag was off to the Kensington estate not knowing Daniel Hunter was staying there. With the Ruffmans and Kensingtons have been generational friends, Mag didn't bother to knock and simply entered the estate.
Seeing the study door closed, Mag entered. "Oh, sorry." Mag said seeing Daniel at the desk.

Daniel looked up and said "That would be sorry sir. I do have my knighthood. I take it your here about the turn down service. I'd like it a 8 and then again at 10."

"That's all you're good for. Twice" quipped Mag. "I didn't know you lost you manhood when you got knighted." and stormed out.

Daniel sat back in his chair and thought "I need richer friends with better mannered staff." Just then the night maid came in and asked "Sorry to disturb you sir, will you need turn down tonight?" Daniel said he'd pass and again thought "richer friends with better mannered staff, staff in uniforms."


Micheal you blow me away. You're really a good writer.. I hope all went well for you at the publishing company today!


I'd figure Mag is quite amused and I hope Daniel isn't on the phone with an extradition lawyer trying to get one particular American to Canada.

And I'll be wary of winning an all expenses trip to Canada, especially one that comes with a one way ticket.


no worries, Mag is diffently amused!!


Wow Michael, you've really aced the Daniel character. The brooding knightliness, the messed up sheets, the penchant for uniforms. What powers of description. And I like that I quip things. I've always wanted to be a quipper. I just quipped that, I hope you noticed.



The "turn down service" was a euphemism that has nothing to do with sheets, but everything to do with bedding.

You're not getting old on us?


Ah, I see. You think I missed some innuendo. Have you never heard the expression "Let's mess up some sheets"?


I pretty much thought you kids of the 70s made a mess of everything. Fashion, furnishings, cars, the economy. I'm not at all surprised to find out you all sweated up polyester sheets.

Sounds like making love on a drop cloth.


How would you know about the drop cloths I made into sheets?! Sheesh!


After a few beers, Steve Smith is a real talker. The story about using duct tape for an emergency Brazilian Wax was killer. You really need to plan ahead Mag :)


I think you might have been the one who's had a few beers. Are you sure Steve wasn't talking about a Carnauba Wax?


Now I know why you're ToolGirl and not AdhesiveGirl. Not even Red Green could get duct tape to stick to carnauba wax.


Found it!

Bosch PMF 180

It looks promising. Does it kill the root as well?

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