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August 17, 2010

Bamboo Sinks


I recently made my own bamboo desk but never thought of using bamboo for a sink. Kind of goofy not to think of bamboo as water-resistant though, since we use bamboo in other moisture-rich environments (i.e. cutting boards, chopsticks, boats).


Mark Harrison

Also used in Japanese tubs, if I recall correctly. Why not I suppose.

I am looking to buy a house that will need a kitchen remodel and I am considering Bamboo bench tops. All you need to do if it gets scratched is sand it and re-coat. I won't use a two pack finish though. Probably just oil.


I hadn't thought of Japanese tubs - that makes total sense. Bamboo is really hard - I haven't managed to scratch my desk at all so far after a year and a half of use. Oil finish is a great way to go. There's a helpful piece on foodsafe finishes from Fine Woodworking at http://www.finewoodworking.com/SkillsAndTechniques/SkillsAndTechniquesArticle.aspx?id=26893 - Enjoy your house-choosing and kitchen remodeling experience!


Here's a few cents from Popular Woodworking on the food safe issue.

Home Improvement Contractor

One thing I can say is "memorable design is all in the details". kitchen remodeling

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