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November 2010

November 29, 2010

Wallpaper Made from Books

via www.readymade.com

This appeals to my zest for eccentric wall coverings, although I think a curvier transparency design - rather than the square-rigged ship image - would be better to offset the repetitive pattern of rectangular pages. Maybe a tree of life or a nude.

A Bookshelf Treadmill by David Garcia Studio

via www.readymade.com

This is a treadmill with brains. And did you know that if you read while you walk, you can read a book in about 43 kilometers?

This is the best woodworking prototype ever. (see more brilliance from David Garcia Studio)

November 23, 2010

Helium Digital Wristband Communicator - Memories of Dick Tracey

For more details, please see my written review...

November 17, 2010

Oil Changes - Suck It Up

via www.liquivac.com

This looks like an innovative way to make short, clean, un-disgusting work of oil changes. Anyone tried it?

Changing a Lawnmower Spark Plug

Spark My Words
Diagnosing and changing your lawnmower spark plug

I wouldn’t have known this until yesterday, but if you want the feeling of empowerment without actually doing anything remarkable, look no farther than your lawnmower’s spark plug.

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Pen Sculpture by beamcarver

via www.etsy.com

Wow. Prickles-up-my-arms 'wow'.  

November 16, 2010

End of Season Care for Power Yard Tools « Around The Shop

via aroundtheshop.net

This is a great post by Michael Ring, an extremely knowledgeable friend of ToolGirl.com. He has a new blog at aroundtheshop.net and he excels at something I've always ignored - attention to detail. And man, does he know stuff. I wish I'd read this before I took apart my first carburetor.

Laminate Plastic Bags to Make Tough, Durable Material, Tote Bags, Lampshades

Plastic Tactics
Recycle plastic bags into cool stuff

ToolGirl Mag Ruffman - Recycled Plastic Bag Lampshade
The longer we live, the less we tend to throw out.  For example, after my mum died we discovered about 20 pounds of plastic bags stashed in the basement just in case she needed them.  Twenty.  Pounds. 

Mum’s conscience told her, "Never throw out anything useable."  But to whittle down her plastic bag supply in the standard ways (returning borrowed items to friends, scooping cat deuces from the litter box), she would have had to live roughly 934 more years.

When my time comes I don’t want to be overly endowed bag-wise.  Since 90 percent of plastic bags end up in landfills, my life goal is simply not to be the lady who owns the other 10 percent of the world’s bags.

So I’ve started looking for ways to re-use my bags.  Let me tell you, bag tech offers a rich buffet of human ingenuity.  If you don’t believe me, visit the Instructables web site. Wow.

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November 15, 2010

ToolGirl Segments on REAL LIFE - 11/15 - 11/26 2010

  Screen shot 2010-11-15 at 4.34.26 PM

Real Life airs on CTS in Canada every day at 3:30 pm.  Here are the upcoming 'ToolGirl Bytes' segments for those who've been asking...


Week of November 15, 2010

Wednesday, November 17  - 'Pest in Peace' - Critter-proofing your dryer vent

Thursday, November 18  - 'The Eyes Have It' - The latest in safety gear

Friday, November 19  - 'Froth with Difficulty' - Heating and frothing milk without the mess


Week of November 22, 2010

Monday, November 22 - 'Cuppy Love' - Eco-friendly coffee-makers

Tuesday, November 23 - 'Glassy Move'  - Washing windows like a pro

Friday, November 26 - 'Bagging Rights' - Soft-sided toolbags


Don't Do It Yourself: When and How to Get Help with Your DIY Projects

via lifehacker.com

This is a great list of resources for getting help with what you want to attempt. Another suggestion - if you want to build something using power tools but you're not sure how to use power tools, try volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity build. They're happy to teach you how to use tools and you'll meet fantastic people, eat delicious sandwiches, drink all the coffee you want and learn to love a Port-a-Pottie!


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