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December 10, 2010

Insanely cheap, gorgeous European curtain fabric

Get fabrics like these from Richie's EBay shop

Richie is back! My favourite eBay source for dropdead gorgeous European fabric disappeared suddenly a few years ago to deal with some health problems. I missed him hugely, and now he's back. He ships to Canada and he's clearing out his entire UK warehouse to move to sunnier climes. He's a lovely guy to deal with, and you'll never find more beautiful curtain fabric this side of the Atlantic. (He sells leftovers from his interior design contracts). I made all of the curtains and blinds in our house from his stuff. Shipping costs are around $100 for a large bolt - I happily pay it knowing the quality of the fabric I'm getting at such a great price. 



I ask as a single, never married guy. What are curtains?


Curtains are like towels or bedsheets, which are what some guys use as curtains. Curtains are harder to put through the laundry. Laundry is when you wash stuff that isn't clean. Clean is anything that you've worn less than 20 times.

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I bet those curtains are really awesome. I love the color combination of those curtains and they look with quality. You've just shared a very useful article and I truly had fun reading through your words. Thanks for sharing this.

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Your choice of color is indeed a good one, it complements well to your window theme. Thanks for sharing this productive article and tutorial.I just have to admit that I truly admire your courage and skill. You've done the stuff so well, I found your output cute and very much cool.

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And that was worth appreciating. Thanks for sharing such productive article. I am very personal and particular with curtains as well, quality matters so as with the color too.

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Great looking curtains, elegant in color. Curtains must really be given emphasis as part of the totality of the house. It plays an important role to the beauty of one's home, for me curtains are like human dress, the appearance vary and the overall design and style matters.

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