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March 2011

March 28, 2011

Stain wood with tea - a natural, non-toxic ebonizing stain

A little fun with your morning pot of tea and a handful of rusty nails...


March 21, 2011

Easy Slider: Move heavy stuff without relatives, furniture dollies or brute strength

Magnetic Thinking Putty: Bouncing Putty infused with magnetic properties

via www.vat19.com

Evolution comes to silly putty! This site sells some goofy stuff and some 'curiously awesome' products.

March 16, 2011

At last - A beautiful energy saving lightbulb!

via sugru.com

Gorgeous compact fluorescent design from European company Plumen - a huge improvement over the squat utilitarian style of most CFLs.  So far you can only buy these in Europe and the U.K. but I'll keep you posted; they say they'll start shipping to North America soon. 


Rustic switchplates are drop dead gorgeous

via www.rusticwoodstudio.com

Wow, if you're looking for really awesome switchplates for your cottage, boat or home, Mark Neracher has a great thing going at his Rustic Wood Studio. These are beautiful examples of rustic design executed with finesse and class.  

Screen shot 2011-03-16 at 2.08.07 PM

Here's the story of why Mark started making these:

After building a rustic cedar lake house in Northern Michigan, I searched high and low for that one final bit of décor to cap this lengthy but exciting project: Rustic wood wall plates with which to decorate the electrical light switches and outlets located throughout the home.

I found loads of metal, porcelain, and plastic plates that featured a variety of rustic motifs, most of which were mass-produced outside the USA. I found some wood plates, but none resembling the tattered grained, old barnwood style that complimented the heavy beams and knotty flooring.

So, off to the workshop I went, armed with chisels, files and a creative flair born out of my days as an artist and woodworker. Years of experimenting led me to four designs that I felt would enhance a wide range of custom décor.

As word spread, I began getting calls for those tough-to-find sizes, combination plates, and for more subtle, modern designs. The studio grew from there.

If you do not find a style that fits your décor, contact me. I promise that I will do my best to make your idea a reality. And, if you are not completely satisfied with all the plates that I make for you, send them back for a full refund.

—Mark Neracher

March 08, 2011

Why it might be time to get a new blender [Video]

TuneUp's new office: smart 2x4 and pegboard desks

via www.boingboing.net

Love the rustic desk design for a start-up's office (or yours). Big industrial wheels, funky pegboard, what's not to love?  (The Tune Up software is pretty cool too - organizes your iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries)

March 01, 2011

Make a coat rack from old forks and release your inner blacksmith - [Video]


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