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April 25, 2011

Lose the pudge; my experiment with an 'accelerometer'

In just over 3 months I've lost more weight (10 pounds) than I originally planned (7 pounds) by using a MyTrak accelerometer to track exercise duration and intensity.  I've also lowered my resting heart rate from 68 to 50.  I haven't been this in-shape since birth.

I realized back in January that I had become a porker.  My thighs puddled when I sat down.  I had glutenous lumps where my hips used to be.  And my bum was showing too much interest in gravity. 

I had been sent a MyTrak M2 accelerometer to test in December so I finally opened the box and clipped the unit on my waistband.  It's been an unbelievably speedy, fun journey back to being springy, strong and flexible. 

The best part about wearing an accelerometer is that you lose weight by actually moving instead of focusing on food. I don't know about you, but dieting just makes me want to eat more. All day.  Especially chocolate. 

The company that makes these things has even lowered the price for the basic hardware (from $149 to $79) since I first wrote about MyTrak in my weekly column.

Now that I'm back in shape my new goal is achieving 'Cheetah' status on my MyTrak profile and becoming a marathon runner (if this guy can do it at 81, what's my excuse?). 

More juicy details in the video.



The first step is to set your goals. I have no goals. Do the have a motivational model? Maybe one with electrodes to spark you on your way.


Is the $79 Canadian? They want $99 from this Yank.


$99? That's not cricket.

Marty Hartwick

The accelerometer seems like a little gem to be sure but I'm also seeing $99 on their website. Are we wrong, or did the up their prices (unfortunately).


Looking into the pricing discrepancy - stay tuned.



There should be freebies for those that discovered this. No pink please.


Okay you lovely people, here is the VIP discount for your very own MyTrak. This isn't an affiliate link, just the company doing the right thing. If you want one of these at $20 off the listed price, use the VIP code D6Y5F - Your MyTrak will cost $79.95 instead of the list price of $99.95. It's a fantastic fitness investment. I'm now training for my first 50K ultra-marathon, all thanks to this little gizmo. Feel free to pass along the discount code to your friends who want to lose the pudge!
Happy cardiovasculating!

How To Get A Six Pack In A Month

I'm not against any gadgets but I think it's still good to lose weight through natural process.

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