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May 17, 2011

Get rid of mold and mildew permanently for $9

We've all smelled 'em.  Musty, mouldy, throat-clenching odors, usually emanating from the basement.  There is a solution. 




I love you! This is the best blog on the whole wide net.


That's so sweet! Thanks for your enthusiasm, Laurie.


Mildew on the other hand is a type of fungus that grows on moist surfaces including bathtubs, shower & shower curtains, basement attics, drapes, floors, tiles, wood frames, concrete & insulation. A fungus is any microscopic organism that survives in a moist environment. Mildew is an important part of the environment; without it, leaves would not decay and soil enrichment would not be possible. Source: http://www.blackmoldremovalsupport.com/ Mildew has an awful smell and also poses health risks especially to those with asthma, allergies to mold, etc. Mildew usually has a gray or whitish color & can look powdery or very fuzzy.

During humid weather, use an air conditioner or humidifier to keep the moisture at below 60 degrees. If you have leaks in your roof or sealing, repair them immediately as this will prevent mold spores from entering in to your home. Mildew can develop in a home within 24 - 48 hours after water damage. The water damage can be for several reasons including:

* Flooding
* Damp or wet basement
* Wet crawl space
* Overflow of water from sink or bathtub
* High humidity due to steam cooker pressure, humidifiers or dryer vents


I called my husband RIGHT NOW and told him to buy this on the way home. We're selling our oldish house (1928) and this is going to help clean up a few areas. THANKS!



After seeing this video a few weeks back, I searched for this product all over (the HD people had no idea they carried it in the paint isle), and obtained one at last. I sprayed it around my kitchen sink and it seems to have done nothing. Repeated it many times and mold is still there.

Am I supposed to scrub after spraying it? (I never do that with bleach). Is it okay to treat with bleach and then follow this Mold Control? Any tips appreciated!



What a great piece of advice and product. We have mildew and now it will be gone. Thanks


What a great piece of advice and product. We have mildew and now it will be gone. Thanks


Hey PhilM,

Concrobium works great for me but it's important to remember that it is water soluble so running water or by wiping down counter tops will remove it and the mould and mildew will grow again. Also, it helps to eliminate the reason for mould and mildew growth. Keeping the area dry or sealing wood, paper or anything that supports mould growth. There are some mould resistant primers and then paint afterwards might help. It depends on where and why the mould is growing.

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I dont understand, please tell me more.
thanks maggy.

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