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May 30, 2011

Summer backyard lighting in under 5 minutes with laser lights

This is a really cool, ultra-low power consumption (more efficient than LEDs), incredibly beautiful 'fairies and fireflies effect' technology for backyard lighting.  You don't even need an electrician because you can run it off an extension cord with the available transformer, so you're done in under 5 minutes.  And because you just have to aim one lamp to cover a huge 600+ square foot area, you don't even need ladders.  Read more in my newspaper column (plus the manufacturer offers a discount to my readers).




Oh, those look so good in the picture with the trees! I really want one, but I'm going to have to wait and hope for the price to come down considerably. Maybe if I'm a good girl Santa will bring me one for Christmas. :) Thanks for letting us know about this.


You're welcome Ginger. It's definitely worth asking Santa for!



I'm feeling the need to buy a white leisure suit.

Gold Party

The effects are so great! Looks really easy to do too. I usually have to limit my gold party to the daytime if I'm going to host in the backyard but I think with these I could do a really great night party! I'll have to seriously look into investing in this.

Mary Kathryn Vernon

I didn't understand how they were proven safe, if the pilots were overwhelmed with the lights. Could you elucidate?


My understanding is that the company had to demonstrate the product for the FAA to show them that the wavelength was not a cutting or burning wavelength, just a light wavelength. (Depending on the frequency of a laser wavelength it can illuminate or cut/burn; the green Blisslights wavelength is just a light wavelength.) I probably exaggerated the pilots' reaction, but I imagine they were alarmed to look down and see a huge number of laser pinpoints coming from a location on the ground.


I have tried emailing Andy @ Blisslights but have not had any response. Do you know if this product can be ordered through a Canadian source?

Santo Badenoch

That's a very cool idea, and if it's more efficient than LED then it's the perfect substitute for Christmas lights. Great discovery!

mining equipment

This is an excellent idea and very new! I have to use this first before my neighbors do. Thanks for the tutorial!

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