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January 07, 2012

Tiled Penny Floor

via www.curbly.com

It's gorgeous, even if it belongs in the curriculum of the Kill Me Now School of Decorating. So tilers, do you think they used black grout? Or did they use clear epoxy over the pennies?


David Carroll

It must be sealed. I don't think all that copper would be good for you:


Plus the whole turning black / green and smelly problem. ;)

Stubblejumpin' Gal (Kate)

Mag, I haven't tried any of your projects or the ones you point your readers to, but I love seeing them ... and who knows, maybe someday!


Hi David,
Not sure how the copper could hurt anyone. Foot traffic isn't likely to create a particulate problem. How are you thinking it would be bad for people? Discoloration would definitely happen in low traffic areas though, lending a dirty appearance to the room, so I'm pretty sure they've sealed it with something since the surface looks so uniform in color. Can't wait to visit it and see for myself next time I'm in NYC.


Hi Kate! So glad you're getting some value out of these idiosyncratic posts. There's no rush, and who knows how the ideas will percolate over time and lead you to think of some brilliant new concept for your place!

Amanda Edwards

I did a penny tile floor... you can see it on my website here:

I used black sanded grout, and then sealed it all with an polyurethane sealer.


Oh Amanda Edwards, you are amazing! I've been looking at your web site and reveling in your beautiful, flowy designs that are such a wellspring of inspiration! Your glass work is breathtaking. And your penny floor is drop dead gorgeous and thank you so much for saying how you did it. You are, after all, a grout maven, so you would know exactly how to pull it off! Thank you so much and I'll put a picture of your floor in a separate post.

flooring perth

I think this is a work of art. The function is quite slip proof as well.

Griffin Mauser

Oh, yeah, we are doing this! Any9ne want to donate toward the $800 in pennies we need? We'll take anything!
For reals!

Griff Mauser
908 Stoneoak
Austin Tx 78745

Yes, my wife is on board!

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